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Gender: Female
Hometown: New England
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 72,324

Journal Archives

More Bookmarks. The dress was inspired by another artist, and the cottage by Alida Akers

Anyone else worried about returning from break mid-wave?

I definitely am.

Spent the weekend rushing some bookmarks for work Xmas presents.

I'll laminate them tonight. They're overworked as heck, but they'll be in closed books so who cares?

I emailed the CDC re Johnson & Johnson shots. I need to know if my

one Pfizer booster last month is good enough, or if I need another one this winter in the face of Omicron. Will let you know what they say.

Some birds are joining my other winter holiday pieces outside the classroom. :)

Two weeks, no purging. All the other stuff is still happening, but not the purging.

It will be nice when I get better at defusing urges, and when I stop living life at level 11 hair-on-fire.

I'd wanted a Moderna booster for my J&J, but they gave me Pfizer. That's

still pretty good, right? I'm better off than I was before, I suppose.

How is your sub list holding up? Ours isn't. Ed techs and very retired teachers have been filling

in every week.

Got pulled to sub in 7/8 today. Man, how could I forget how mouthy they are!?

Sooooo much boundary testing. I survived and so did they. Luckily for all of us it was ELA/Soc Studies, not math!
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