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derby378's Journal
derby378's Journal
February 9, 2020

In a way, I'm glad my wife ChickMagic isn't here to see our national dumpster fire. Is that bad?

Hello, everyone:

Frankly, I'm surprised I haven't touched a drink during this whole national debacle. Donald Trump is now above the law and out of his fucking mind. Mitch McConnell has thrown due process under the bus in the name of collusion. All Nancy Pelosi can do is rip up the SOTU speech while Richard Burr makes babytalk at his own damn fidget spinner. Meanwhile, the Iowa Democratic Party decides to make caucusing fun for the whole family with one word: app. And yet, that jar of moonshine sites in the back of my refrigerator, untouched. Maybe I should hit the absinthe instead?

I'm no longer a Democratic precinct chair. Ten years is a nice long run, but I need to take care of myself for a while.

I found a girl. A California girl. And despite my own quirks, she loves me with all her heart. I'm leaving Dallas after 23 years to move in with her in nearby Plano. Yes, it is possible to move a queen-size bed on top of a RAV4, but it's definitely not a one-man job. I'm getting old. But she makes me feel a little younger.

I think ChickMagic would approve of her. She wanted me to find "some sweet young thing" in case anything happened to her, but this woman is a bit older than ChickMagic. I love older women. They're sexy. I regret nothing.

If anyone so much as breathes "individual mandate" during the 2020 campaign, I'll TP your house.

God bless Darlene Ewing (1953-2018), former Dallas County Democratic Party chair. We could use her wisdom right now.

So, how are you?

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