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The Rising American Police State

The Rising American Police State

It is shameful to see The United States of America, a nation born of liberty, a nation whose citizens have the constitutionally guaranteed right to protect themselves and their property with arms, turn into the police state that it has. Police raids have been increasing in frequency, 40,000 per year by one estimate in 2001, more than 50,000 in 2005, according to Peter Kraska, a criminologist at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, and likely more raids in the years since. Common targets of these raids are nonviolent drug offenders, bystanders, and wrongly targeted civilians. Many victims of these wrongful raids have their homes invaded in the middle of the night, and it is a common claim that the police do not identify themselves correctly, or at all, before entering.

The results of these raids are unnecessary violence, abusive and unlawful actions against nonviolent individuals, and drug offenders who are guilty of nonviolent crimes. The police in the US have become accustomed to shooting first instead of asking questions, and lying later instead of taking responsibility.

Adam Arroyo, an Iraq war veteran, had his home wrongfully invaded, during which the police executed his 2 year old pit-bull, Cindy, during an attempted drug raid. Another man in Utah was shot and killed within seconds of his parents home being stormed in the night. When the police raided the home, the man had unfortunately been holding a golf club in his hands, which apparently was threatening enough to the police officers to warrant execution. It seems reasonable that he would have been holding a golf club, or some sort of object, seeing as his home was being invaded in the middle of the night. I guess you could exercise your right to protect your life, and property if you feel you are being violently raided, but it might result in an unfortunate trigger-finger attack from the police.

Another unfortunate case of mistaken identity occurred when a 61 year old man was shot at least 3 times, after police wrongfully entered his home to execute a drug raid. His wife believed that their home was being invaded, when she claimed that the police didnít properly identify themselves. Even more, a lawsuit filed in federal court in Minneapolis accuses the local police department of shooting the dog of the Franco family, during a raid. The suit claims that the children were also forced by police, to sit next to their lifeless pet for over an hour.


Where are all the "Police Apologist" now

Where are all the defenders of Police shooting 13 yr old boys now

What happened to all the "You can't blame all cops for the actions of 1 bad cop" or in this case 1 Bad Police Department

Every week we learn of yet another unarmed innocent citizen gunned down and the cop walking away free of charges and returned to duty -WITH A GUN. You want to defend that ...


and this is not going to end well until the Supreme Court reverses that decision

Remember over 25% of ALL police shooting victims are UNARMED

and given the very loose interpretation the courts give the phrase "I was in Fear" we must truly consider these people "Victims"

There in a section dedicated to "police abuse" he read a statistic he regarded as probably exaggerated: that 25 percent of all law enforcement shootings involve unarmed suspects. That launched him on a long and continuing quest for more details about officer-involved gunfights that has turned up a series of surprising - and disturbing - findings.

Not only did the ACLU statistic turn out to be not as far off as he imagined but Aveni has made other unexpected discoveries - pertaining especially to hit ratios, low-light shootings, multiple-officer confrontations, mistaken judgment calls and less-lethal technology - that have convinced him police firearms training needs a significant overhaul.


Police Officer orders drunken man to move care - then shoots him dead for it

Dash cam video evidence - multiple witnesses - the victim pleaded with the police officer NOT to be ordered to drive the car - then the officer shoots him 5 times killing him because he complied with the officers orders

When will the Supreme Court give the citizens of the country relief from abuses of the Supreme Courts 1998 decision

Of course the officer claimed "I was in FEAR" and was cleared of all wrong doing and is now back on duty - WITH A GUN

On March 6th, 2011, Baton Rouge police officer Christopher Magee shot and killed Carlos Harris, 21, in the parking lot of Club Insomnia off Florida Boulevard. Harris was at the bar with a friend, Ryan Dominique, the night he was shot.

Leading up to the incident, police were called to the scene related to Domingue driving recklessly in the parking lot. As events unfolded and he was taken into custody, Magee either told or asked (accounts differ) Harris to move Dominique's car despite witnesses saying Harris told Magee he was drunk.

Harris was shot while moving the car after he smashed into various vehicles in the parking lot, including police cruisers. Magee said at the time he was worried for his safety, and those around him, so he opened fire. Harris was shot dead. Magee also suggested Harris had some sort of weapon.

"He told [Officer Magee] he was drunk...[But Magee] commanded him to move the car," witness Aisha Loliss


Dash cam video


The dash cam video shows Magee cold blooded execution of Harris

While the Supreme Court authorized the suspension of our Constitutional Rights - I don't believe they intended to allow the police to obtain the role of Judge, Jury, and Executioner
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