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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 17,644

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I'm off to the Philippines --yea

My wife is Filipino and her family is having a family reunion so me and her are traveling there for the next 3 weeks

I've traveled all over Asia and how I wish MORE Americans would get out and see what the world is all about.

Life in the Philippines, as beautiful as the place is and people are, absolutely speaks volumes of the hazards of corruption and crony capitalism. But even as corrupt as the Philippines can be THEY outlawed the use of ESS Voting Machines - truly a proud day in annals of the Philippine Supreme Court.

Sadly thou - the corruption is so extensive normal folks are expected to pay "Grease Money" - (Bribe) to government officials just to obtain documents we take for granted. ie: Birth Certificate, Driver's License, Marriage Certificate.

And never have I been so afraid of following down that rabbit hole as when Bush was in office

But looking on the bright side - I get 1 week of Reef Diving with my wife all to myself during this ordeal

What an embarrassment this Open Bigotry must be for normal white folks

What kind of Back Woods Corn Fed Pre-Neanderthal frontal cranium equipped High Functioning Moron can honestly buy into this crap. I mean Hell – I’m only half white and I’m completely embarrassed by all of it.

From the Mass Shootings to the Fucking Thugs with Guns using the “I thought he was Reaching for a Gun”, Goon Platoon to the Jack Ass GOP Clowns blocking every possible piece of legislation and nomination the President of the United States makes because Oh Gawd – don’t ya know he’s black.

And mark my words you Bone Headed Want-a-Be Man of God holding up the Bible that you have re-interpreted, Dumpster Dived through picking out the pieces you WANT to keep and throwing out the REST – Heritic, Nobody believes you that its “All right there in the Good Book” all the while endorsing, preaching HATE. Believe me God has a Special Place for You.

And ALL These Fuckers have Come Out of the Wood Work because a Black Man got Elected to the Highest Office in the Country


You can’t handle it so you want to take it out on Kids, 12 yr old girls going to the pool, 12 year old little boys playing with a toy gun in the park, Religious folks having prayer meeting, hard working Dads just driving home from work, a guy standing on the side walk - you want to take it out on them ??

If you stupid Fuckers hadn’t elected such a stupid, “can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time” Illiterate High Functioning Moron to hand out blank checks to his crony corporations, and tank the economy crating the Worst Global Recession EVER – We wouldn’t have had to elect Black Man to the Highest Office in the land to try and fix the economy you fuckers wrecked.

So Man the Fuck Up

Grow a Pair

Get a Clue

Quit taking it out on folks who ARE NOT responsible for your fucking mistakes and blunders, “I am the Decider” stupid shit crap

If this gets me banned from DU – so be it

Two models in Russia just posed with a 1,400-pound bear

You should check out this video, quite breath taking to imagine posing with a 1400 lb bear. These are 2 very courageous women doing work for a very good cause

Russian models Maria Sidorova and Lidia Fetisova pose with a 1,400 pound bear named Stephen as part of an awareness campaign.

Stephen was near dead after an attack from hunters when his current owner rescued and raised him. Now 18, Stephen is a trained movie star and has appeared in a host of Russian blockbuster films.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/russian-models-pose-with-bear-2015-4#ixzz3d4YX1Eyp


Do you believe Law Enforcement's statements in Officer Involved Shootings of Unarmed Citizens

We hear a lot of "I'll wait for more facts before passing judgment" around here in discussions.

Unfortunately for Police, often times video surfaces contradicting the official statements from the Law Enforcement Agency involved in the shooting of an Unarmed Citizen. So it seems the conflicting states emerge from the "Highest Levels" of the Department. Changing the official version of events from "We received numerous 911 calls" on the person in question to "The officer spotted the suspect walking" down the street

Additionally often times there are ample witnesses contradicting the "Official - Agency Released" version of events.

NONE of which really matter of course - because what most people don't realize the "Burden of Proof" in these cases as outlined by the SCOTUS 1998 decision is "Was the Officer in Fear" for himself, his partner, or anyone else the suspect may or may not have encountered should he continue walking or driving down the street

So I ask the question - "Do You Believe the Police"

Any arrest or suspensions yet from the McKinney Pool Party

I would really like to see a transcript of the officer who assaulted the girl. All I see is one really pissed off racist assaulting a girl for saying "Call my Mama"

She was leaving as directed

After he dragged he over to the side walk ordering her to "Sit Down" - and then picked he up and threw to the ground because she was sitting down

Funny - he drew his gun because that one boy trying to aid the girl he was assaulting called him the N- word. Not that to him at least is an offense worth shooting an unarmed teen over

Landlords fined $276,000; evicted tenants to make vacation rental

Two San Francisco landlords who evicted tenants and then turned their home into a lucrative vacation rental must pay $276,000 in penalties and abide by a tough injunction, according to the terms of a settlement with City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

“There is a steep price to pay for flouting laws that restrict short-term rental uses in San Francisco,” Herrera said in a statement. “Illegal conversions that push long-term tenants out of their homes diminish the availability of residential rental units for San Franciscans, and they’re a significant contributor to our housing affordability crisis.”

Herrera sued Darren and Valerie Lee a year ago on the grounds that they used the Ellis Act to jettison long-term tenants, including one who was disabled, from a Pacific Heights Victorian, and then offered it on HomeAway and VRBO as a short-term rental.

Herrera said a listing described the four-bedroom residence as an “exquisitely renovated home” and charged $395 to $595 a night with a three-night minimum stay.


Philadelphia journalist went undercover as an Uber driver — here's how much she made

Last year, Uber claimed its full-time New York City UberX drivers were making a median wage of about $90,000 a year.

Drivers responded by telling Business Insider's Maya Kosoff that they were often making less than minimum wage, with yearly earnings in the range of $10,000 to $41,000.


But in the long run, Guendelsberger found that the numbers didn't add up. One reason was Uber's massive fare cut, which took place just before she started driving. And since UberX drivers aren't licensed with the company

Over the course of 100 rides, her hourly rate averaged out to $17. But after subtracting the 28% cut that Uber takes and 19% for car-related expenses, her actual pay ended up being $9.34 an hour.


A Nice BIG Corp FU to working class Americans trying to eek out a living

Dems, GOP ready to act if Supreme Court axes House districts

Source: ALAN FRAM - Associated Press

Vulnerable House incumbents are fattening their campaign accounts as the Supreme Court approaches a decision on a case that could force legislatures to reshape congressional districts in 13 states or more, perhaps in time for next year's elections.

Political advisers from both parties say Republican-run Arizona and Democratic-led California are the likeliest states where lawmakers could need to redraw House district lines if the plaintiffs prevail. Ironically for Arizona Republicans who brought the lawsuit, that could mean that the seat or two their party might gain in their House delegation would be outstripped by lost GOP seats from more populous California.

"Probably not a huge shift for either state," said GOP consultant Chris Jankowski.

Some lawmakers from both states are amassing more cash than they did two years ago, aware that they may suddenly be running in less-hospitable districts. They include GOP Reps. Jeff Denham and David Valadao of California and Arizona Democrats Ann Kirkpatrick and Kyrsten Sinema, all possible targets of unfriendly legislatures if redistricting is ordered.

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/article20572311.html

California senators approve ban on grand jury investigations into police deaths

Source: Alexei Koseff - akoseff@sacbee.com

Grand juries would be prohibited from investigating police shootings and cases where an individual dies from excessive force during an arrest under a bill passed Thursday by the California state Senate.

Protests sprouted up nationwide last fall after grand juries in Missouri and New York declined to indict white police officers who had killed unarmed black men during confrontations. The system, in which a jury of citizens weighs the evidence to decide whether to bring charges, came under fire for its secrecy.

Sen. Holly Mitchell, D-Los Angeles, who introduced Senate Bill 227, argued that the lack of transparency and oversight in grand jury deliberations, which do not involve judges, defense attorneys or cross-examination of witnesses, did not serve the public.

“The use of the criminal grand jury has fostered an atmosphere of suspicion that threatens to compromise the nature of our justice system,” she said.

Read more: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article20444133.html

The Audience were the Big Losers of Mayweather Pacquiao Fight

Mayweather proves once again "Its all about the Money"

I'll never pay money to see him fight again
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