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"Bye bye .. Mrs American Dream"

Repubs drove the Chevy until the economy screamed
Them Good Ol' Boys trashed the Economy again
and we were singing like a Bankster with impunity dreams

Bye Bye Mrs American Dream

can you all help me finish the lyrics

Photo Essay: 55 yr old ALS victim wants to die in foreclosed home

Luther Findley, 55, tries to explain to the Bank of America via speaker phone that his wife wants to die in their house as he asks for an extension on his eviction from the house they have lived in since 1996. "My wife is a quadriplegic and I have no place to move her," he says. The voice on the other end says it doesn't look good but they will get back to him a few days later. The Findley's dual medical and financial crisis brought them to the brink of homelessness in what doctors say are Claire's final months of life. Barely able to speak Claire Findley wants to die at home. At 59, she is in the end stages of ALS, which she has had for the past 5 years. Only months remain. Her husband, Luther, a contractor, quit work to take 24-hour care of her, and they fell behind on the mortgage of their Fair Oaks house. They lost the house to foreclosure in March.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2011/12/17/4129973/medical-and-financial-crisis-daunts.html?mi_rss=Lifestyle%20Galleries#storylink=cpy

Will Public Outrage Finally Force The President To Prosecute Outlaw Bankers?

Will Public Outrage Finally Force The President To Prosecute Outlaw Bankers?
By Richard RJ Eskow

The President has adopted the language of the 99 percent, and it's paying off for him. He's surged from a position slightly behind Mitt Romney in last month's CNN polling to a 52 percent-45 percent lead against the Republican this week. While other factors were involved, his new rhetoric about income inequality and forcing everybody to "play by the same rules" resonated especially well with voters who have seen their government enforce one rule of conduct for Wall Street and another for the rest of us.

Unfortunately, his Administration hasn’t backed up that rhetoric with action. It has steadfastly refused to investigate and prosecute the bank crimes who brought this economy to its knees. So have the chief law enforcement officials for most states. Instead they’re trying to cut sweetheart deals that would let crooked bankers go with a slap on the wrist.

more at link

Banking System Rotten to the Core

Banking System Rotten to the Core
By William K Black PhD

In the Savings and Loans crisis, which was 1/70th the size of this crisis, our agency made over 10,000 criminal referrals that resulted in the conviction on felony grounds of over 1,000 elites in what were designated as major cases. And to pick up on what’s just been said, this is not just some sidelight to economics, this is why we have recurrent intensifying crises, is these epidemics of fraud from the C-Street—from the CEOs and CFOs.

In the Savings and Loans crisis, the inevitable National Commission said that fraud was invariably present at the typical large failure. In the Enron era, always frauds from the very top of the organization, and in this crisis the frauds came from the very top of the organization again. But what’s different in this crisis? In this crisis, the same agency that I worked with that made over 10,000 criminal referrals in a tinier crisis made zero criminal referrals. They got rid of the entire function. And so there are zero convictions of anybody in the elite ranks of Wall Street. And if they can defraud us with impunity they will cause crisis after crisis and they will produce maximum inequality.

more at link

We need to purge Friedman's Economic Policies from the Democratic Party

And yes that means you Mr Obama.

Time has come that Washington and the rest of this country needs to admit these policies have FAILED Miserably and weakened this country to the point of loosing our Democracy.

Our strangth has been Outsourced Overseas to Corrupt Oppressive Communist Dictatorships that use the profits gained from the American Market Place to subvert democracy on a Global scale - UN-AMERICAN

We have oppressed the Working Class of this country to the point of diminishing all hope for our future generations. Defunded Education, Suppressing Inovation, limiting the very premise this country was built upon - "Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happyness. In short they have destroyed the American Dream.

Cast it Out - Or be cast out

Feds To Grant Exclusive Cannabinoid License To Pharma Firm

Too Sickening for Words

[h2]Feds To Grant Exclusive Cannabinoid License To Pharma Firm[/h2]

The U.S. federal government's Department of Health and Human Services seems about ready to award exclusive rights to apply marijuana as a medical therapeutic. You read that correctly: "exclusive rights."

Now, I don't think of myself as a conspiracy theorist. But when the federal government keeps taking actions that, even when considered separately but especially when viewed together, all seem to be part of a bigger plan to pave the way for the pharmaceutical industry to bulldoze the cottage medical marijuana industry, I start getting antsy.


U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms

Whom ever these people are in our government hiring Chinese Firms they need to be fired ASAP.

With the massive unemployment in California I can't beleive the guy said they couldn't find enough welders to do the work

[H2]U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms[/H2]


U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms

California has MASSIVE Unemployment and here we are sending $! Billion worth of jobs over to China

Most disqusting thing I have seen in a very long time. Who ever that Jack Ass is lying through his teeth saying "American Companies can't get the welders they need" should be fired immediately.


To the 99% - GET ANGRY YOU THE 99%

Remember the Unemployment of 1981 when this fine country officially turned to "Trickle Down Economics" of Milton Freedman's failed policies

Remember the S&L Failures brought on by reckless deregulation and Greedy White Collar Theives who made unsecured buisness loans to their cronys knowing full well they had NO means to repay those loans

Remember Richard Keating and the many S&L Executives (including Neil Bush) who were merely given a slap on the wrist when the Savings and Loan institutions they were entrusted with securing for their customers FAILED and LOST THE LIFE SAVINGS OF HARD WORKING AMERICANS - Many of whom were in their retirement and had no means to regain those losses

Remember the Greedy Robber Barrons of the late 80s who RAIDED Corporations and robbed Working Class Americans of their Pension Funds

Remember the FREE TRAITORs of the 90s who enacted NAFTA and shipped our jobs overseas so that a few Wealthy Corporations could profit

Remember the Greed and Theft of our 401K pension funds through Enron, Worldcom, and Wall St scams too numerous to list.

Remember the Corporate Wealthy Elite who used illegal methods to foreclose Millions of Homes and wipe out the life savings of millions of American Families and then toss them out into the streets

Remember the plundering of the Federal Tax coffers under the gieze of Bank Bailouts



They are planning some thing even more sinister and evil
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