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The Free Trade Agreements has forced their children to our borders

In 2005, over half of the rural population in El Salvador was living on less than U.S. $2 dollars per day (Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo 2003: 42). The harsh reality of economic subsistence obligates children in El Salvador to contribute to their family’s survival. Employers providing this frail economic lifeline inevitably acquire control over the children. This economic control is a prominent aspect of contemporary slavery and is manifested through violence or exploitation. The enslavement of children in El Salvador not only steals their youth and opportunity to receive an education, but it also places innocent beings into a dangerous work force.


Children in Nicaragua are engaged in the worst forms of child labor, especially in hazardous work in agriculture and commercial sexual exploitation.(2-6) Children work in hazardous conditions producing crops such as coffee, bananas, tobacco, and African palm.(7-13) Children have been found working in dangerous conditions in the production of oranges, rice, and sugarcane, although the extent of the problem is unknown.(2, 7, 8, 10, 12) These children often carry heavy loads, use dangerous tools, and are exposed to hazardous pesticides and fertilizers.(7, 8)

Children also work long hours risking injury in tasks such as breeding livestock, crushing stone, extracting pumice, mining for gold and collecting shellfish.(2, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13) Children are employed as domestic servants in third-party homes in which they may face long hours and are often subjected to abuse.(2, 3, 15, 16) Some children engage in construction, which may expose them to intense heat and dangerous machinery.(7, 13, 17) Children may also work as bus drivers’ assistants, often riding precariously on the exterior of vehicles or entering and exiting moving vehicles.(6, 13) Children work as street vendors and street performers at traffic lights, which may expose them to multiple dangers, including severe weather, vehicle accidents, physical and psychological risks, and crime.(2, 8, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19) Some children work as garbage scavengers and are exposed to toxic substances.


The "Why" of Countries dumping their children at our border

For us here in the US it seems unimaginable to send off our children as young as 11 years old to a foreign country never to be seen again. For the parents of these children it is a decision of love and compassion and just maybe the only chance the child possibly has to see adulthood

In a Countries where the Wealthy Ruling Elite, and "Moneyed" Multi-National Corporations write the rules through a Corrupt Government the working class or peasant farmer class doesn't stand a chance


“This disease eats our kidneys from inside us,” Martinez said. “We don’t want to die, and we feel grief because we already know that we’re hopeless.”

Martinez’ illness stands at the heart of a lethal mystery — and legacy of neglect by industry and governments, including the United States, which have resisted pleas for aggressive action to spotlight the malady and find a remedy. Wealthier nations are more focused on spurring biofuels production in the region’s sugarcane industry and keeping up the heavy flow of sugar to U.S. consumers and food manufacturers than the plight of those who harvest it.

So many men have died in some parts of rural Nicaragua that Maudiel Martinez’s community, called The Island, now is known as the Island of the Widows — La Isla de las Viudas.


Ecuador: Widespread Labor Abuse on Banana Plantations

Human Rights Watch found that Ecuadorian children as young as eight work on banana plantations in hazardous conditions,

Ecuador is the world’s largest banana exporter and the source of roughly one quarter of all bananas on the tables of U.S. and European consumers.

Carolina Chamorro told Human Rights Watch that after aerial fumigation, “I felt sick twice. I was ten years old. . . . I began to shake.” She said that she thought she was going to faint and told her boss, who sent her home. Cristَbal Alvarez, a twelve-year-old boy, also explained, “That poison - sometimes it makes one sick. Of course, I keep working. I don’t cover myself. Once I got sick. I vomited [and] had a headache . . . after the fumigation. I was eleven years old. . . . I told my bosses. They gave me two days to recover.”



coffee pickers have to pick a 100-pound quota in order to get the minimum wage of less than $3/day. A recent study of plantations in Guatemala showed that over half of all coffee pickers don't receive the minimum wage, in violation of Guatemalan labor laws. Workers interviewed in the study were also subject to forced overtime without compensation,


If you want it to stop don't treat the symptoms - treat the disease

Don't allow these Corrupt Profiteers to continue to exploit the indigenous peoples of these countries and profit by it

Countries that Dump their "Unwanted Children" on the US Border

From the Child labor in the Sweat-shops of New York in the early 1800s to the Border Children of 2014 - My how we've changed - NOT !!!

From Flyers being handed out in the streets, to dis-information being taught in their schools. South of the border countries are attempting to forsake their moral responsibilities to care for and educated their children - in the name of "Profit"

These same countries are increasingly exporting goods to Western Countries and around the world. Because of Government corruption and the "Stranglehold" placed on it by the Wealthy Ruling Elite, and Multi-National Corporations in those countries, rather then educate and care for those children funded through taxation, they choose to forsake their responsibility altogether. Through a campaign of propaganda designed to make the parents believe the child's only chance in life is to cross the border illegally into the United States.

Where obviously for a lack of proper English speaking skills and a proper education the child will only grow up disadvantaged and doomed to a life of minimal paying jobs at best.

That's not treating the problem - that's exploiting those children twice

The Parent in the Room needs to take action

Goods from these countries needs to be abandoned on the docks not allowed to be processed into this country. The only way to grab the attention of the Corrupt Government, the Wealthy Elite, and Multi-National Corporations causing this crises is to speak to them in a language they can understand. And by effecting their profits - only then do these children have a chance.

If anyone here thinks that this is anything less then an organized effort to Dump these children on the US - then you really need to get in touch with reality.
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