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Police Brutality vs: Social Media and You Tube

Generations of Bigots hiding behind the badge

Police Brutality was recorded as far back as the Anti-Vietnam War demonstrations by national media outlets. It culminated in the mass murder at Kent St. Back then police often bragged about bashing heads with their batons. Today they have escalated to using any excuse they can to pull out their weapon and use a child for target practice.

Now they are trying to claim the national outcry and protest against police violence is emboldening criminals, and diminishing their capacity to police.

Remember when we had a President who help the 1% during economic recession

My Grandfather was able to keep the family home thanks to FDR's programs

So if I don't get all warm and fuzzy over economic programs that have handed over 1 million homes to Wall St and Foreign investors while completely ignoring the plight of America's Working Class - don't be surprised

This program worked - and was a proven example of what to do in economic crisis

Mortgage Loan Crisis: FDR’s answer would prove useful today

Once upon a time, there was a nation where, during an era of prosperity, large numbers of citizens used short-term, interest-only loans to purchase their homes. They apparently were unaware that once the good times ended, they would be saddled with unbearable debt. Which is exactly what happened in America roughly 75 years ago.

Roosevelt’s real goal was to create stability from both an economic and social perspective. With the HOLC and the Federal Housing Administration, his administration created the long-term loan, which soon evolved into the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage. The local business community praised the program, which not only helped people keep their homes, but also provided employment for construction workers. From 1933 to 1936, more than 1 million people relied on HOLC loans. Close to 80 percent of the borrowers made good on their payments and kept their houses. When the HOLC shut down in 1951, it returned a slight profit to the government.

Many of the elements of the Home Owners Refinancing Act, which created the HOLC, would be useful today. Although foreclosure rates of the early 1930s still tower over today’s rates, foreclosures and defaults are advancing at a dangerous pace, as borrowers struggle to keep up with their adjustable-rate mortgages. “Our problems of today do not begin to approach those of 1933,” Kevin Pollock, a fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, told Congress last year. “But I suggest that HOLC could be usefully studied by anybody thinking about this issue.”


Will Hilary continue the "Trickle Down Recovery" for the 99%

Not that it hasn't worked out very well for the 1% - but as everyone in this country can tell you Work Class Wages have gone down - A LOT

Negative $4,019

The Obama years have been brutal on middle-class incomes.

The Presidential race is boiling down to one dominant issue: which party's policies will do more to help the financially stressed American middle class. President Obama's campaign theme is that Mitt Romney and the Republicans cater to the rich, while Mr. Obama cares about struggling families.


Reminds me of the joke

Mam don't let anybody tell you that ain't the greatest thing in the whole wide world - but I don't think I can take ....

Lets talk about Corporate Socializm

Nice Sweet-Heart Tax Free earnings thanks to the numerous "Off Shore" tax loop-holes that allows Corporations like GE "Unlimited" access to US markets and unlimited use of USA infrastructure without paying $.01 in Taxes

Tax payer funded Bail-Out of the "Too Big to Fail Wall St Banking Industry", AIG Loop-Hole insurance for casino like investments that paid out $Billions to Foreign investors.

Electronics industry receiving R&D tax credits while Out-Sourcing production

Big Pharma granted "Indefinite Term Patent Rights" for drugs so Sleazy Fund Managers can hike up drug prices forcing the working class funded Medicare program to pay out $Billions in additional cost

We got PLENTY of socialism in this country - its just that the working class has to pay for it

Bernie has already Won

Lets be honest - do you think any of the candidates would be talking about "Income inequality" if Bernie was not in the race bringing the issue front and center to the American public

or Free College tuition

or Paid maternity leave

These were issues Democratic candidates dared not mention in fear of the GOP backlash yet they are issues Bernie has held dear to his heart to bring to the American people for decades.

Without Bernie in the race all we would be hearing about is finding "Middle Ground" with a bunch of Tea Farty fanatics

All you need to know about "Bush keeping us Safe"

When I take action I’m not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt

As the rightwing tries to spin this as a problem left over from the Clinton administration that Bill failed to address. Lets just get the facts straight. George willfully ignored the problem and even made jest of Bill Clinton's efforts to take out Osama Ben Lauden
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