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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 1,003

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Ok, Hannity just said that the US will be the world leader in oil exports.

Of course he credited frump with this. If this is true, than why in the hell are we approaching 3.00 a gallon for gasoline. They can`t blame Saudi Arabia anymore. Nothing like fucking the American people for the benefit of the oil companies. If I remember correctly, frump, said that he would have a talk with Saudi Arabia about oil reaching 50 dollars a barrel. Now its 58.88 a barrel. He wants to take care of the people, my ass.

Limpball says New Zealand shooting was a false flag.

Not going to happen this time fat boy. You and some of your other minions have claimed the same thing. You just don`t get it. Same old shit from the same lame ass people.

Bet he goes to Florida after tossing paper towels at people in Alabama.

Already started. Pukes moves to adjourn

What do you think the republicans will do to try and stop or interfere with the Cohen hearing?

Where have all the hoards of people rushing the gone?

Have not heard one thing about this fro Dump, Fox, Hannity, or Rush. Not a word. Have they disappeared, gone home or what? Since Dump declared the emergency, nothing but crickets.

Hannity following his boss to Vietnam to do an interview.

Just announced on his show. Another punk who never served the country he loves so much.

Who pays for this trip if they are holding trump 2020 signs?

Is he giving a speech on the wall or campaigning for 2020 if his people hand out signs to wave?

One women abuser helping another one write a book about the first one.

I guess Trump the pussy grabber is helping another abuser O`Reilly write a book. These type of guys just love each other. Just fucking amazing is all I can say.


25 agents and 19 vehicles were there to arrest Rodger Stone

Limpballs just said this. It gets more agents and more people every time they talk about this. Oh yeah, they upset the dog also.
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