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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 957

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This is the guy who needs to go.

The nasty rotten cancer of the administration Steven Miller. He could have a role in any world war II movie as a nazi. Just put a uniform on him.

The punk Steven Miller must go.

This little jerk has stirred up a lot of the trouble behind the scenes. He writes the shit dumbo reads on the teleprompter. Hell, his own uncle says he is no good. He is a racist and a nazi who has the child`s ear in the white house and sends him out to say what shit he filled his head with.

So how does all these immigrants coming to the border about 5 days before the election....

Help the democrats. The cons say it`s the dems and Soros who arranged this. I would say it`s the repubs. Dumbass can come to the rescue and save the country from an invasion with the deployment of the military. Just saying it would do the dems no good to arrange this.

Poor Tucker Carlson cant go to restaurants anymore.

The Hannity want to be says he cannot go to a restaurant anymore. Well I guess he just cannot understand what causes that so suffer the results of your big mouth. You put your ass out there, someone will kick it so go through a McDonald's drive through and enjoy.

Rand Paul worried about someone getting killed.

I wonder if the punk told Trump that he was worried someone will be killed.

Rand Pauls wife had to sleep with a loaded gun because of threats.

You know, what in the hell do you think is going to happen because of what your husband does. I do not understand how people like Hannity, Limbaugh and anyone else who is radical, can put their wife and kids in such danger. I guess money, power, private jets, and multimillion dollar homes are more important to them then their families. The women that are with these assholes can not complain about sleeping with guns. It is you and your husbands who have put your kids in danger every day they step outside their homes. We do have sick people in our society, but it is your husbands who feed that sickness so shut up and thank your husband for your need to sleep with a gun.

What will happen in the country if the repubs retain the House and Senate?

I just thought I saw a guy hand Trump some money to sign his jacket

Trump is in Minnesota for his pep rally. He`s going down a line of people and this guy hands Trump some money and Trump turns to his right and hands the money to someone. He than signs the jacket of the guy who handed him the money. Unreal.

Dr. Christine Baisley-ford Is called by Christine Ballsey Ford by Limbaugh.

Fucking asshole punk.

Get rid of the job for life and all this bs would go away.

The framers did not see that politics would be so bitter with judges being appointed so one party can control the court to advance their agenda for 30 to 40 years.
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