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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 1,003

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I think it is time Joe gets out to see the people.

Just a little nervous here that I think it`s time now that Joe and his VP get out to see the people. Does anyone know of a schedule for them starting to campaign outside of Delaware? Trump will be in four states next week and we have to start to counter this soon.

His statement about what he will do to the payroll deductions if reelected must be...

This has to be repeated all over the country in his own words every day that he will get rid of social security, Medicare, and Medicaid. It would be worth it to spend a few million on this.

Just watched a press briefing by the blonde wonder.

As I watched this briefing, she got to the point for questions. I know she has a big binder with her but does anyone else notice that when someone asks a question she goes right to the binder and like magic the answer to the question is there. Does she know ahead of time what questions will be asked and if not how do the answers seem to appear in the binder she looks through until she finds the answer?

I bet he is playing golf today just like last week.

I think they have found a way to get him to his golf course and back without the media finding out.

I have two questions maybe I missed.

The first one is, Can you become reinfected if you had CV before?

The second one is, If we lose 10,20 thousand people with the flu, then why do they not close down anything when the flu strikes?

FOX tries to use Dobbs and Bartiromo shows as business shows.

If yo watch them just once, they spend about 3 minutes combined between the two shows and the rest is Trump,Trump, Trump and bashing the democrats. What a joke.

We need a MEGA hat of our own.

The hat would be blue ans would say, make america great again dump trump

So trump will now appear in every state the day before the states democratics primary.

The freak show and it`s idiots will be in every state now before every primary. No substance, just the freak show entertainment.

Stop Trump by making damn sure we take the Senate.

Set this aside until the new democratic Senate comes in next January.

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