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Another Trump fraud.


Trump had his Hitler moment at the Alabama - LSU football game.

Just like from the 30`s, a stadium of blind followers cheering for Hitler, they finally found a place that would cheer for the idiot Trump.

Why is it not a law that every call be recorded at the presidential level?

I know that by having people write down what was said is a way they can hide stuff, but it`s 2019 and we do not record phone calls like what happened in the U S - Ukraine call? What the hell is so hard about that? If there is so sensitive stuff than lock it up. Than there is no way that things are forgotten or left out on purpose to protect someone.

Time to investigate Hannity


On MS NBC this morning...

They had a poll up where they showed that 98% of evangelicals support Trump regardless of what he does. Another poll of regular republicans supported Trump by 97% regardless of what he does. Not so sure I believe that one. It is scary to think that there are that many dumb ass people in this country. I think that if Trump is impeached in the house and acquitted in the senate, he will win election. That will be a disaster for this country.

Did anyone see the player on the S. Carolina football team at the end of the game..

I did not see the whole game but I believe that their quarterback was hurt early not sure who it was. Anyway, he was sitting on the bench in a brace on his right leg. At the end of the game when S, Carolina beat Georgia, they showed this player with both hands in the air celebrating. But both his hands were putting up the white power sign or the OK sing. Just wondering if anyone else seen this.

Well Congress is back from their 6 week vacation.

Just got back and announced that they have only 40 more in session days left till the end of the year. When do you think the people will get tired of this shit.? How about pay Congress for the days they are in session. They do this in Florida. How about no health insurance for life. How about a pension based on number of years in service. No more full pensions. How about term limits. Two terms just like the president.

We can stop the social security money problem.

Currently this year, once a worker reaches 132,900 dollars in earnings they do not pay anymore SS taxes. This also favors the rich so why don`t they tax every dollar earned at the current rate. The rich cannot claim you raised their taxes because they pay the same as what everyone does.

Make congress look pictures of bodies after they were shot with an assault rifle.

Make these people look at photos of shooting victims bodies and see what assault weapon does to it`s target. Lock the doors and make them see the autopsy photos of the kids in the school shooting in Connecticut. Show them the exit wounds or what a head looks like after being shot. If this makes them puke at their desks, than maybe, just maybe, they will do something to stop this insanity.

There were different TV feeds during Dumps speech.

When the the B1 bomber flew over, in the upper left where they usually post the time an below that they post "live", the words "White House feed" popped up. A little strange for that to be there.
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