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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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These bastards are going on a retreat to talk tactics for 2018 elections when..

They were in a train accident with their families to this retreat. I hope everything is ok. My problem is, the budget is due to expire again soon and they are playing around with this bullshit. When will we the people have enough of this shit and demand that they work year around just like we do. 100 fucking work days! This has to stop.

Does anyone know if Melanias aircraft is still in West Palm?

So the plastic banana wife is not going with the shit hole to Davos.

Tick Tock

Cost taxpayers 43 million dollars for the s--thole to play golf last year.

And he is off to a good start again this year. Spent just short of a 1/3 of his time in office. What is not reported is how much of that money goes into the shithole`s pocket because all of that time was spent at his shithole properities.

Mr. Wolff better watch his back.

We all know what happened to J.H. Hatfield who wrote the book Unfortunate Son about G.W. Bush. He was preparing to write a follow up book to his first one when he woke up dead one morning in a hotel in Tennessee.

Care for all Veterans is not what you think.

I am a USAF veteran serving during the Viet Nam war. I was not in country but did serve four years during the war. I joined the VA back in 2000 but later after 9/11 I stepped back due to vets coming back from the middle east. I was still registered with them but did not use them. Fast forward to 2017 and I retired 1/1/18 from my job I am short 6 months from being 65. So I decided to go up to the local clinic to see if I could get coverage for the six months.
I met with a guy who checked my status and he said yes I was in the system. This was in October of 2017. He said just make a primary appointment and your good. He saw my cap and said I see you are a Viet Nam veteran. I said no, "I am a Viet Nam era veteran. I was not in country." He said "Oh, you were not in country." He than said did I ever fill out a household income form? I said no. He said well you will the first of the year. I asked him what is the household earning threshold and he asked me my zip code and he said the max income was 35,000 dollars.
I than asked him so what does this mean? Will I have to pay a higher deductible? I knew I would have to pay a deductible, but that was ok. He said do you make more than that? I said yes. He than said that I do not qualify for care because I am over the house hold income limit. I said you have got to be fuckin kidding me. He said sorry, that is the rule.
So the next time you hear a politician say we have to take care of our veterans, call them a fuckin liar for me. Thank you.

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