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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Trump in N. C. for Graham funeral. I bet he goes to Florida for the weekend.

Were most of these shooters wearing body armor?

That tell the teachers that make their headshot count.

Declare the NRA a terrorist support organisation. Just saying.

Congress off for another week again.

Every time there is a fucking one day holiday, these bitches take a week. They have also said they will be in session for a 111 days this year. I would like an 111 day work year for the money they make. The opposition plate is full because of the ball sack in the white house but with the congressional election coming up, we should point out who is making the work schedule. I think that would be Paul "Eddie Munster" Ryan.

The very first question Romney should be asked is..

Mr. Romney, have you brought back to the U.S. the hundreds of millions that you have stashed off shore now that you are a candidate.

Going to Florida to comfort the people.

Than on to my estate to play golf the rest of the weekend.

Off to Florida again. How much does that cost us each time?

Limbaugh is reading the memo now. Trump sent it to him.

Congress to release it later.
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