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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 957

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25 agents and 19 vehicles were there to arrest Rodger Stone

Limpballs just said this. It gets more agents and more people every time they talk about this. Oh yeah, they upset the dog also.

What do you think the response will be from trump supporters if he is charged?

I was wondering what the right wing and people like Hannity, Limpballs, Coulter, will try to spin it besides fake news. Will some of them jump ship? Will Hannity maybe get called to testify? Just wondering what the board thinks will happen.

Bet you Trump goes to Florida now for awhile.

After the SOTU speech

This dumb ass Trump could have done this weeks ago.

He caused these workers to go through this for his pleasure and he lost. Forever a loser.

Well Limpballs is off again today.

Is he meeting with Trump? Maybe the mother ship Heritage Foundation. Hannity and Limpballs have got to know that their boy is drowning in his own shit. When they bail on him and they will, how will they save face. We have to make sure that does not happen. Flood their advertisers with emails so that they will drown in their own shit just like their boy Trump.

So this is what he was going on about yesterday, the big news he had .LOL

Sorry guys, got it posted in the wrong spot. This was in reference to the post on Hannity`s show last night. He was crowing about the big news he was reveling on his show. So I guess he found all the things about the FBI and the deep state was hiding on the surface in plane site. This punk will crack like an egg.

The 64,000 dollar question.

What will Limbaugh , Coulter, and Hannity say when the report takes Trump down. They will have no credibility. I know their supporters will never leave them but maybe the advertisers will. I would hope they could take Hannity down with Trump but don`t think that will happen.All we can do is step on there necks when they fall. None of these nasty assholes need to be on the air like they are.

Limpballs said he had nothing to do with Trump shutting down the government. Now he..

Is telling Trump to rent a stadium where he can give his state of the union speech to a "friendly" crowd and that he does not need her and her bunch of pin heads. Lets see if Trump listens or not. Have to add one more thing. He also said that if Trump hangs on for a little while longer he will win this wall dispute. It`s all about winning for him and not the care of the people of this country. Does Trump listen or not?

Limp balls just said they are finding prayer rugs at the border.

He would not know what a prayer rug is even if he was laying on one. Hannity says Trump has buckets full of damaging information on Comey, Lynch and other high ranking democrats. Sounds like someone is getting nervous.

You can add this to the Russia thing.

Russia put bombers in South America without a world from our idiot leader. Must be ok.
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