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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Does anyone thing that Barr will stone wall as long as possible until the election?

It does not matter if Trump said go ahead and release the report because he than says that his attorneys won`t let him do that. So he can say not my fault, I tried. Also, what if there is nothing much in the report and they drop the whole thing right before the election? I think that is impossible but these guys are not above doing this.

Playing golf again?

Two fucking weeks in a row flying this asshole to play golf. Is this cost up to a hundred million yet? If it is, how much went into his pocket by being at his resort and charging the government to rent his rooms and golf carts. Biggest scam right in our faces and we can do nothing about it.

While we are looking over here, two Russian planes land with troops in Central America

Along with the bombers they have there, Russia now has troops in Venezuela. I guess it`s ok because it`s Trumps buddy Putin. Not good.

And just like that, there are 1200 more aliens headed to the border.

Amazing how for over a month no talk of the wall or hoards of people coming to the border. Now that he thinks he is free and clear of charges, 1200 people are marching on the border. This was reported on fox this morning.

Trump was so excited he forgot to bring his family back with him.

He forgot his wife and son. He was the only one to get off the plane at Andrews. Oh well, he will just have to send another airplane down to get them.

The hill just got bigger to beat Trump in 2020

Golfing again or running from the Mueller report?

Ok, Hannity just said that the US will be the world leader in oil exports.

Of course he credited frump with this. If this is true, than why in the hell are we approaching 3.00 a gallon for gasoline. They can`t blame Saudi Arabia anymore. Nothing like fucking the American people for the benefit of the oil companies. If I remember correctly, frump, said that he would have a talk with Saudi Arabia about oil reaching 50 dollars a barrel. Now its 58.88 a barrel. He wants to take care of the people, my ass.

Limpball says New Zealand shooting was a false flag.

Not going to happen this time fat boy. You and some of your other minions have claimed the same thing. You just don`t get it. Same old shit from the same lame ass people.

Bet he goes to Florida after tossing paper towels at people in Alabama.

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