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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 957

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What makes evangelicals ok with Dump garbing women by the crouch.

I don`t get it. Married three times, paying off women to be quite about their affairs and doing what ever he wants with women. If they are true believers in a God than this behavior should go against everything they believe in. Just wondering if they have always been out there or is it something of a cult that supports Trump. I don`t remember hearing of them when Bush Jr. ran. Just wondering.

The orange man leaves for Florida this afternoon.

Another golf trip and to avoid anyone for almost four days after this report comes out. Are we over 70 million yet for these trips?

60 fortune 500 companies pay no taxes,but received over 7 billion in refunds

Yup, your republican tax bill at work. It was projected they would owe over 70 billion in taxes.

So Barr is going to investigate spying on the Trump campaign.

I bet what ever is found will be published without anything redacted.

They must have asked Sen. Rick Scott how to do it.

Another medicare fraud. Hell why not. Scott got away with it and was elected Governor twice and not the senate by these dumb asses here in Florida.

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