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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Has anyone seen Trump jrs girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle lately?

She was not in sight in England nor was she in sight last night.

Watching local news here in Florida. Three government planes have landed in Orlando.

The VP aircraft, air force 1 and a third plane to fly Trumps old lady back home because she did not want to go to south Florida to raise money with dumbo. What a fucking waste. This was reported on channel 9 news WFTV.

And now CNBC is doing it.

You tune into a stock report show like CNBC and you want to here stock news. Now it seems that like Fox business news which reports nothing on business but it`s Trump all the time. CNBC had a chairman and CEO of some company on and Joe Kernan was doing the interview while the two other hosts sat there. He did not ask him one thing about his business. It was all about what he thought about the tax cut and would it be repealed by the democrats and about public education and should there be more charter schools. He asked if his company donated any money to either party to which the CEO responded that they have not in 25 years. Anyway, finally the one host said she liked what he said and Kernan said that`s because he has not said anything. The CEO responded that was because I did not say what you wanted to hear. Joe Kernan another Lou Dobbs wanna be.
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