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Gender: Male
Hometown: MN
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 19,632

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"good guys finish last" -- Depends on your definition of good

"Nice" guys finish last is probably a lot more accurate.

Suppose you're in an infantry unit in the midst of a battle. A really good guy (or gal) wouldn't just sit back and let the enemy win. A good guy would fight hard.

In less life-threatening circumstances, people often confuse "good" with "nice", but even Jesus -- declared to be very, very good by all of his adherents -- is seen committing vandalism and assault in the temple in one of the most popular stories. It might qualify as good, but no one would call it nice.

In summary: We SHOULD be good. We should NOT be nice to the enemy. (And if the right wing isn't the enemy, then there's no such thing)
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