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Home country: USA
Current location: Virginia
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire

"One of the most important movies of our time"

This doc just supports and solidifies what I already have learned, observed, researched, pondered, read, and realized for the last 30 years... And sadly, no, Jesus is not coming to save us! The only thing that keeps me from laughing and stating the proverbial "I told you so," is the fact I have a 6 1/2 year old son (who I love much more than Jesus), he breaks my heart with his love and concern for the planet already, asking and reminding me to recycle... while I know that unchecked population growth and capitalism will destroy what once was a unique and beautiful planet, and likely leave him a unpleasant future. We have only ourselves to blame...

He isn't teaching New Age platitudes or building a fanatical following; instead, he is quietly uncovering the hidden history of our planet, redefining the fall of man, and retracing a path of human spirituality that extends millions of years into the past. From the beginning, Fr. Osborne is stunned, outraged, and awed by the simplicity and profundity of B's teachings. Is B merely a heretic--or is he the Antichrist sent to seduce humanity not with wickedness, but with ideas more alluring than those of traditional religion? With surprising twists and fascinating characters, The Story of B answers this question as it sends readers on an intellectual journey that will forever change the way they view spirituality, human history, and, indeed, the state of our present world.

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