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Home country: USA
Current location: Virginia
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 22,797

Journal Archives

Turkish police say journalist Khashoggi was killed at Saudi consulate

Turkish police have concluded that prominent Saudi journalist and critic Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside the Saudi mission in Istanbul after going missing Tuesday, according to an unnamed government official.

"Based on their initial findings, the police believe that the journalist was killed by a team especially sent to Istanbul and who left the same day," the official told AFP on Saturday.

It came hours after police confirmed that around 15 Saudis, including officials, arrived in Istanbul on two flights on Tuesday and were at the consulate at the same time as Khashoggi.

The Washington Post contributor had gone to the consulate on an administrative errand but "did not come back out" of the building, police had told the state-run Anadolu news agency.


Dr. Blasey Ford debunking Trump (video tweet)


Democrats on Senate floor Friday night before Kav vote.

Update: 12:34 AM Christopher Murphy talking now. "None of us would hire that individual" referring to Kav's file and behavior in a hypothetical hiring situation.

Merkley reasoning against Kav and for unity on Senate floor now, C-SPAN2
...and c-span.org is down.

It's not just you! c-span.org looks down from here.


GOP Senate candidate in Montana may have just been busted admitting to illegal collusion with NRA

This story originally appeared in The Daily Beast newsletter, Pay Dirt.
Exclusive: Audio Reveals Potentially Illegal Coordination Between NRA and Montana Senate Hopeful Matt Rosendale. The gun-rights group gave Jon Tester’s challenger a heads-up that it would be spending money trying to defeat the senator. That’s a no-no, watchdogs say.

Before the National Rifle Association dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to flip a competitive, Democratic-held Senate seat, the gun-rights group’s chief lobbyist apparently gave the race’s Republican challenger a heads-up.

Chris Cox, the top political strategist for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), assured Montana Republican Matt Rosendale that the group would spend heavily to support his bid to unseat Sen. Jon Tester, Rosendale told attendees at a July event in Washington.

PAY DIRT exclusively obtained audio of Rosendale’s remarks, which good-government groups say raise serious questions of potentially illicit coordination between Rosendale and an independent political group supporting his campaign.

“I fully expect the NRA is going to come in… in August sometime,” Rosendale said in response to a question about independent political spenders in the race. “The Supreme Court confirmations are big. That’s what sent the NRA over the line. Because in ’12, with [Republican Senate nominee Denny Rehberg] they stayed out, they stayed out of Montana. But Chris Cox told me, he’s like, ‘We’re going to be in this race.’”


Oliver - Good Morning Starshine

(USA v Russia 1984) Chess: Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Tim Rice

Track 15, The Deal (No Deal)

Communist, democrat
An intriguing collusion
Fair exchange -- tit for tat
Comradeship in profusion
And the appeal, partner
Of this deal, partner
Is we all stand to win
You and me, the lady also
Don't break her heart partner
Just be smart partner
Let her think that her past
Is as pure as snow in Moscow
Thank god we're so civilised
And our word can be our bond
We can turn this into friendship for life
And beyond

Refugee, total shit
Is how I've always seen us
Not a help you'll admit
To agreement between us
There's no deal, partner
Who's your real partner?
Could there be just a chance
That you've got some heavy clients?

That's not true, partner
How could you, partner
Think I'd want to pursue
Any deal but our alliance?
How can you only think
Of your selfish ambition?
And not of her position?
Or you'd rather perhaps
See her world collapse?
For a tinpot competition!

There's no deal!

Silly boy, woman who
He should not have let walk out
There's no hitch that we two
Can't untangle or talk out
And the appeal, partner
Of this deal, partner
Is we both stand to win
We'll bring back the golden era
Stick with me, honey
Leave him be, honey
In return I know who'll
Tell you all they know in Moscow

Are you sick? Are you mad?
You still don't understand why I loathe you, why I left you?

Who'd ever think it?
Such a squalid little ending
Watching him descending
Just as far as he can go
I'm learning things I didn't want to know

Who'd ever guess it?
This would be the situation
One more complication
Should be neither here nor there
I wish I had it in me not to care

Let him spill out his hate
Till he knows he's deserted

There's no point wasting time
Preaching to the perverted

FEMA Has Either Denied Or Not Approved Most Appeals for Housing Aid in Puerto Rico

After hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans were denied FEMA assistance to rebuild their homes after Hurricane Maria, most of the families who have appealed the agency's decision have not received aid.

FEMA has either denied or not answered 79 percent — almost eight-in-ten — of the appeals, leaving residents and officials worried about the fate of their dwellings as the island faces another hurricane season.

After denying at least 335,748 applications from thousands of Puerto Ricans asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for disaster assistance to fix their hurricane-ravaged homes, many decided to appeal the agency's decision to not grant them aid.

As of July 12, “there have been more than 43,000 appealed cases from survivors of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Of those, more than 7,500 have been approved and more than 34,000 have been deemed ineligible,” said Lenisha Smith, a FEMA spokesperson, in a statement to NBC News.

More: https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/puerto-rico-crisis/fema-has-either-denied-or-not-approved-most-appeals-housing-n891716

Dana Rohrabacher approves assault weapons class for toddlers. (Tweet)


Edit: https://twitter.com/twpolk/status/1018372408074522624

1st Respondrs assault weapons class 4 toddlers apprvd by Dana Rohrabacher, Joe Walsh, Trent Lott.

Dana Rohrabacher, Joe Walsh, Trent Lott and Larry Pratt advocating for a “first responders” assault weapons class for....toddlers.


Fireworks Accident Blows Off Tip Of Florida (tweet)

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