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Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: Virginia
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 22,777

Journal Archives

The Ride

Ween Dr Rock

ABBA - The Winner Takes It All (1980)

Olivia Newton John Xanadu Original Version Remastered HD (1980)

CHESS: The Deal ( No Deal)

Read these lyrics till the end.

Communist, democrat
An intriguing collusion
Fair exchange -- tit for tat
Comradeship in profusion
And the appeal, partner
Of this deal, partner
Is we all stand to win
You and me, the lady also
Don't break her heart partner
Just be smart partner
Let her think that her past
Is as pure as snow in Moscow
Thank god we're so civilised
And our word can be our bond
We can turn this into friendship for life
And beyond

Refugee, total shit
Is how I've always seen us
Not a help you'll admit
To agreement between us
There's no deal, partner
Who's your real partner?
Could there be just a chance
That you've got some heavy clients?

That's not true, partner
How could you, partner
Think I'd want to pursue
Any deal but our alliance?
How can you only think
Of your selfish ambition?
And not of her position?
Or you'd rather perhaps
See her world collapse?
For a tinpot competition!

There's no deal!

Silly boy, woman who
He should not have let walk out
There's no hitch that we two
Can't untangle or talk out
And the appeal, partner
Of this deal, partner
Is we both stand to win
We'll bring back the golden era
Stick with me, honey
Leave him be, honey
In return I know who'll
Tell you all they know in Moscow

Are you sick? Are you mad?
You still don't understand why I loathe you, why I left you?

Who'd ever think it?
Such a squalid little ending
Watch him descending
Just as far as he can go
I'm learning things I didn't want to know
Who'd ever guess it?
This would be the situation
One more complication
Should be neither here nor there
I wish I had it in me not to care

Let him spill out his hate
Till he knows he's deserted
There's no point wasting time
Preaching to the perverted

Prince - Uptown (Official Music Video)

Prince - Dear Mr. Man (Live At Webster Hall - April 20, 2004)

What's wrong with the world today?
Things just got to get better
Sho' ain't what the leaders say
Maybe we should write a letter

Dear Mr. Man
We don't understand
Why poor people keep struggling
But you don't lend a helping hand

Matthew 5:5 say,
The meek shall inherit the earth
We wanna be down that way
But you been tripping since the day of you're birth
Who said that to kill is a sin
Then started every single war
That you're people been in?

Who said that water
Is a precious commodity
Then dropped a big old black oil slick
In the deep blue sea?

Who told me, Mr. Man
That working round the clock
Would buy me a big house in the 'hood
With cigarette ads on every block

Who told me Mr. Man
That I got a right to moan?
How 'bout this big ol' hole in the ozone?

Prince - Chelsea Rodgers was a model.

Chelsea Rodgers was a model
Thought she really rocked the road, yes she did
Kept her tears up in a bottle
Poured them out to save her soul

Next to her they just a fool
Chelsea read more books than a few
Moses was a Pharaoh in the 18th Dynasty
And Rome was chilling in Carthage in 33 BCE

And the day that we stop counting,
we live as long as a tree
Go ahead Chelsea, teach me! Go ahead Chelsea
Make a promise to your higher self, get you nothing, fame and wealth
You don't be chasing nobodies ghost
Of everything, make the most (Come on!)

Chelsea Rodgers was a model
Thought she really rocked the road, yes she did
Kept her tears up in a bottle
Poured them out to save her soul

Music Depreciation: Melissa Manchester - Don't cry out loud

lots and lots of sentimental value, but ultimately - presently - not good.

(D-VA) Shelly Simonds ousts David Yancey in rematch of race that kept GOP in power in 2017

It was an exact tie in 2017, ultimately decided by drawing from a hat.

By Dave Ress Daily Press | Nov 05, 2019 | 8:36 PM | Newport News

This time, it won’t need a drawing of lots: Shelly Simonds won her third bid for the House of Delegates on Tuesday, defeating four-term Del. David Yancey, R-Newport News, who was returned to the legislature in 2017 when he won a lot-drawing after a tied election.

With all but the absentee ballots counted from a district dramatically reconfigured this year to lean strongly Democratic, Simonds won 58% of the vote, Yancey 40% and Libertarian Michael Bartley 2%.

“I think the message is that democracy works when people come out and vote,” Simonds said after her victory. “The people made it clear they’re concerned about healthcare, prescription drug prices, gun violence ... and they want action.”

Turnout was down about 18% from the 2017 tie vote.


2017 article about the draw:


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