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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,180

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Who knew how intimate with were with each other?

One thing this virus shows us is how much we literally commingle with each other. Literally breathing each other's air, sharing billions of molecules, germs, all the time, everyday.

Just breathing air in a room with another person is a very intimate business.

Trump is like a rooster crowing because he raised the sun.

All hat and no cattle.

I think they should make insuring the food supply a priority.

Not the priority but a priority.

They should be making plans if they don't have them already.

Captain Bligh got kicked off the ship and cast adrift in a little rowboat

I'm just saying. He identifies with Captain Bligh. Proceed cap'n.

So what happens if we go "substantially above 100,000 deaths"?

What will his supporters say?

They should put food preparers on the list to let get tested even if

they don't have symptoms. That would make me feel a lot more comfortable about ordering carryout.

He said to black people during his campaign,"what do you have to lose?". Well this thing is showing

what we had to lose.

Our lives.

Dr. Scarf.

I was so jealous when another DU'er coined the nom "Dr. Scarf". Because for weeks now my wife has had to endure me yelling at these press conferences, about those DAMNED SCARVES! I could see the shit start going to her head. And that allows the politics to interfere with the science.

A couple days ago I heard her say that our effort at social distancing was NOT WORKING. I thought, wow Trump's not gonna like that. The next day I heard her say "good news" the social distancing is working.

Don't get me wrong, I know she's competent and accomplished, and people are only human, but the scarves indicate to my subconscious, that she's compromising because of the incredible pressure of being in the limelight. It feels like the need to preening because the cameras are on, when we are in a crisis.

I bet my wife last night that after the ostentatious scarf she wore yesterday that surely someone would tell her that she's going a bit too far with the DAMNED SCARVES, and that she would not be wearing a scarf today. My wife said nope, she lives in a bubble, she will be wearing a scarf.

Needless to say she was right.

(I apologize for the rant)

What happened? He's not selling hydroxychloriquine today.

Is he telling Boris to take hydroxychloriquine?

What's he got to lose?
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