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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,180

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Judge Sullivan must hold a hearing and then deny the attempt to exonerate Flynn.

After destroying Barr's bullshit during the hearing, he needs to sentence Flynn to be locked up pending whatever appeal Flynn will attempt to file.

The fate of our democracy and system of justice rests in Sullivan's hands right now. If Barr succeeds with this crap, no one will be safe. Fox is now telling everyone that Obama planted evidence and framed Flynn.

Fuck. He's still bragging!!!

This guy is unbelievable! Does he think we are cheering him?
I thought he was going to stop these stupid press conferences.
Excuse my French!

Michelle Obama's "Becoming" is playing on Netflix!


I only THOUGHT I was angry when George W. was president

I am at mental health level angry now!

Words aren't enough to convey the burning anger I feel day by day, at the death and destruction going on. It could have been avoided.

It should have been avoided.

And what is unbearably angering about it, ---makes it twice as bad, --- is seeing people accept it, and even support it!

Are people just going to accept 135,000 dead?


And now he is using us to blame another country for his own negligence.

Is there no bottom to this thing?

I wish that Lincoln Statue would just get up and stomp the

hell out of ... for the mockery he is making of America during his so-called "virtual town hall."

Trump keeps claiming the cupboard was bare. But didn't Obama hand him a pandemic procedure manual?

I'd like to see if Trump followed basic procedure as outlined in that playbook.

Aw good Jebus. It's not a crime for law enforcement to say they're trying to get someone to lie!

What is the miscarriage of justice? Lawyers try to trap people in lies every time they question a witness. It's not their fault if a person is stupid enough to lie.

Can somebody please tell me what the current Flynn noise is all about?

All of a sudden, the republicans are whining and making noises about Flynn as though some event has occurred that "completely exonerates" him.

What the hell are they yelling about? Trump fired him for lying and he pled guilty to a crime. What the fuck are they doing? What happened?

Pshaw! He's doing one of his lying press conferences on Fox

Crying about Flynn and how he will be completely exonerated spouting the same claptrap about what a great job he's done on the coronavirus.

Aw good Jebus. Now they're trying to convince us that we need sports to start back up.

Including Dr. Fauci.

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