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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,180

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That MF is constantly amending all of his returns, that's why he can't show them.

Probably still amending 1990 returns. Bastard

I apologize for the my language, but the mofo is really starting to piss me off.

Bwaahaa! Romney Demands Harry Reid To Prove It.

Listening to Hannity on the way home and mittwitt was a guest. Hannity played a clip of Reid saying Romney hasn't paid taxes over a 10 year period.

The mitster said it was a ridiculous lie and demanded Reid prove it.

How crazy is that? He's sitting on the proof of the pudding. Why don't he prove Reid wrong? Embarass the hell out of the guy?

I really think this fool thinks he can be president without showing his tax returns.

Americans aren't THAT stupid are we?

Hey What's this fool's itinery?

Anybody know? What a hoot this guy is overseas!

Done someone rotten thru business everywhere he goes. When he gets there he pisses them off and that makes them talk about it. Who's running this guy's campaign?

I heard he was even going to China. Let me see if I can google it. Watching him screw up everywhere he goes is just too good to be true. I really think he doesn't have the capacity to not screw up.

Of the Rich, By the Rich, For the Rich

Rmoney in 9 words.

I Knew It!! The Fat Fuck Ducked His Radio Show Today

You know who I'm talking about. Asshole.

Stupid Zimmerman He allowed fox to use him in an attempt to diistract attention away from romney.

It didn't work. Meanwhile, he messed up his case further

Just think how bad its gonna look when they show romney's horse prancing in the Olympics.

Whooo eeee. Incredibly bad timing. Every "strength" is now a weakness with this guy. I don't see how he's gonna make it past the convention if he gets that far.

Poster boy for the rich leech lifestyle. Can't help of thinking about all the poor souls who lost a living so this guy can show off a prancing horse. I think others will be thinking that too when they see that horse.

Ba ba ba bad.

Romney's Trapped in the Corner And Obama's Pummeling Him

Somebody, Stop the Fight!

Cigarettes now cost more than marihuana. Another reason

why it can't be legalized.

LOL Limpballs crying about the villian in Batman named Bane

Bwaaahaaa, It's all a big conspiracy because millions will be seeing the movie and draw the comparison to Bain.

He's got it all solved though. Bruce Wayne is the millionaire trying to save the world, so Romney is really Batman, not Bane.

Cue up Romney wearing bat clothing over his magic underwear.
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