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Okay I Get It. They Don't Give a Damn About Facts Because They Have The Power To Create Reality

I have been listening to station after station reporting whatever the fuck they want to report. They repeat lies over and over through the airwaves, the newspapers and magazines. I keep forgetting and have to keep learning the same damn lesson over and over again. They ignore whatever the fuck they choose. There's a video of Wilson walking around the body after the shooting. He shows no signs of being in any physical pain. There's no blood and he doesn't even rub his face. Yet they keep saying his eye socket was broken. They say more than a dozen witnesses have come forward in his behalf when you have to wonder, who the fuck are these witnesses? There was no white people there! Where were they, lurking in the bushes? All of that shit has been debunked but they go right on, hour after hour, station after station, just now I heard a host say we don't know who shot the gun!

Someone here jokingly said in post that before it's over it will be that Brown got a hold of the gun and shot himself 6 times. Now I hear a host say we don't know who shot the gun!

There was a time in our history when no black person could testify against a white person in a court of law. Nothing's changed. I'm listening to a radio host right now who keeps saying "what evidence?, there's no evidence". And I'm thinking to myself, what, is the testimony of black witnesses not evidence? Apparently not.

They create reality. They have no shame. They do it because they can.

Here We Go Again. Just Like With Zimmerman. Wilson Won' t Have to Testify.

The racist media is once again pretending that statements of white people who weren't present is more credible than direct eyewitness testimony of black witnesses. It's infuriating!

Now I saw a video of Wilson walking around the body and he didn't look injured at all. Today on the radio I hear that a "friend" said that Brown punched him so hard that his eye socket was broken.

I'm just about fed up. I guess the prosecutors will let him show a videotape at trial of what happened just like in the Zimmerman fiasco. It's utterly absurd. Infuriating!

If They Arrest The Motherfucker The "Rioting" Will Stop!

"Rioting" is in quotation marks because it's so much fucking better to hurt property when filled with rage than it is to go door to door killing people. People questioning the looting can kiss my ass. Some people, I don't want to point any fingers, have a history of lynching people when filled with rage. Goddamn your precious fucking property. Is it too much to ask to have murderers arrested? It's bad enough that they ain't going to get convicted, but can we get a goddamned arrest? And assholes are running their pieholes about why looting is stupid. KISS MY ASS! Keep on talking shit. One day you going to wish it's looting instead of something else.

End of rant. (Until I hear the next asshole pissing me off) We can never even get a fucking arrest without burning up shit. And assholes are questioning why the looting.

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