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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Ben Carson is now officially a laughing stock.

He's painted himself into such a ridiculous position that the only thing left to see is how bad the ridicule and humiliation will be.

All entirely self-inflicted. How strange. Most people explode from revelation of some scandal or such. This guy felled himself with just his own mouth. Vanity is a hell of a thing.

Anderson Cooper is coming off like an ass.

What an ass he is.

I Hate to Say This. For Years We Were Led To Believe That Jeb Was The "Smart" One. But It Appears

that George was the brightest button in that box after all.

Wow!!! Just wow. I can't imagine America electing Jeb. But then again, I couldn't imagine America electing George. And I know we didn't, but he still got enough votes to steal it. Twice.

The NFL is more than happy to distract us with deflate-gate, wife abuse and child abuse.

People keep acting like this stuff is bad for the NFL. The NFL is happily using these "scandals" to distract people from the real scandal - playing football causes holes in the brain and makes players suicidal. Severe brain damage. The sweeping under the rug is on the same par as the tobacco industry getting away ignoring evidence that smoking causes cancer.

Just when it was starting to heat up with players filing suits, asking questions, etc. we get flooded with all these "scandals". One of the suits was settled recently with no discussion in the media.

Instead of talk about banning the sport because it is too dangerous, we are focused on some air being let out of some balls, meanwhile the multi-billion dollar business continues unabated.

We are lapping it up like sopping gravy with biscuits.

The Police Seem To Be Doubling Down

They know the damn spotlight is on excessive force against black males. Yet time and time again ...

Its like they just gotta preserve their privilege and right to kill black males at will.
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