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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,164

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LOL. Nixon: I am not a crook. Trump: I am not a sex offender.

His whole campaign now. Nothing else.

Uh oh. They're Talking about Rule 9

Not good for the Donald. He's going down bigly.

Damn. Trump knocked Hurricane Matthew off of nonstop coverage!

Showing he's an even bigger bag of wind than Matthew!

Damn. What else will fall out? The drip drip is fast becoming a stream.

Why does Pence get away with shaking his head all night?

I thought he was going to shake the stupid thing clean off his neck!

Very unprofessional - but nobody is talking about it. And the thing that gets me about it - all of the head shaking was over facts that he could NOT refute, including things that he and el cheato said on tape!

Kaine cleaned his clock last night.
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