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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,164

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Trump is Billy Mumy in that Twilight Zone Episode: "It's a Good Life"


In The Words of Joe Biden - "This is a Big Fucking Deal!"

Why is everybody saying Trump's tax cut Bill is going to pass?

I don't get it.

Flushing the toilet

That's what democrats are doing.

Turns out Mueller is the one draining the swamp.

Hoping for more indictments today.

A Piece of Shit Used Car Salesman

Got it! How 'bout We All Start Calling Him: "Fake President"!

That'll get under his skin. Besides. It's true.

Well it's become classically Shakespearean. Trump is clearly paranoid and unable to trust anyone.

What a tragic and wretched condition. I wouldn't wish such a terrible thing on any human being. But I'm not sorry for him. His wounds are wholly self-inflicted.

What a story. Epic tragedy.

"Would you let me know?"

Trump - "I said to him if I'm under investigation, would you let me know?"

Well they f-ing let him know. He's under investigation.

Lots of Americans Would Rather Sell Out to the Russians Than Have a Woman Lead America

And, the brown man scared the shit out of 'em with his competent stewardship.

If it weren't for the qualified woman and the competent brown man, Trumps antics would never be accepted.

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