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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Lots of Americans Would Rather Sell Out to the Russians Than Have a Woman Lead America

And, the brown man scared the shit out of 'em with his competent stewardship.

If it weren't for the qualified woman and the competent brown man, Trumps antics would never be accepted.

"The Failing New York Times"


Just Think About It. Putin Can Now Utterly Destroy Trump Anytime He Wants

All he has to do is just say, "it's all true, Trump is a Russian asset, we have compromat, we have been developing it for years..."

At any time he can threaten Trump that if he doesn't do his bidding he will tell the world that he's a Russian asset,
even if it's not true.

What a stupid bind Trump has managed to box himself into.

So, If he declassified it that means no problem telling us exactly what the info is, right?

I want to know exactly what he said since it was declassified.

Let's Hope and Pray He Doesn't Start A War To Get Out Of This


Who the hell leaked that Trump gave away classified info to the Russians?

Aw Damn. Now he's hoping he was wiretapped. LOL. He just threatened Comey in a tweet.

Saying Comey better hope there's no tape of their conversations.

Sessions is Next. Sessions Has Got To Go.

Now that they've put such an emphasis on how everyone must have confidence in the integrity of the FBI, it follows that we must have confidence in the integrity of the Department of Justice.

Not only did Sessions raise his hand, take an oath and then lie before Congress, but look what he lied about -- he lied about his contacts with Russia. The damned head of the DOJ! In this mess up to his Pat Robertson-like crooked ass ears. The fucker has got to go. I'm betting he's next. And soon.

Could they be any whiter?

Look at them. That's not America.

Fuck Comey.

Pardon my French but I can't take this shit anymore. He makes me sick. What a load of horseshit he's shoveling.

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