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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Oh I get it now. Republicans actually believe they can siphon off the black vote by using Kanye.

What a fricking insult. Keep on saying Democrats are bashing Kanye because he's showing blacks the way out of slavery. The Democrats are keeping the blacks down on their plantations, don't you know.

Trying to convince black folk that we are dumb for voting Democratic. They are soooo jealous that Democrats have the black vote. If they can peel off just enough black votes...

Meanwhile they are doing everything they can to prevent black folk from voting.

I'm sick to death of this sudden praise of Niki Haley

Fawning over her. She's a fecking enabler. Next thing you know we'll be praising rats for jumping off a sinking ship.
Why are they building her up like this? I'm sick of it.

Whatever happened to the deep state?

Hunh? Now they are praising the FBI!?
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