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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,164

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Truth is trump seeks quid pro quo on everything. The Dingell jab proves it.

He suggested Debbie Dingell should not have voted to impeach because he ordered flags lowered after her husband's death.

He simply can't help himself. His demands of loyalty are the same thing. He lives in a world of you owe me.

Something else will tumble out. You can bet the farm on it.

Ha ha. They are finally taking this thing seriously!

Its about time. The thing it is growing. They can't wish it away. Due process is happening and they hate it.

Adam Schiff can be President, Supreme Court Justice, Attorney General...

Whatever he wants as far as I'm concerned. A most excellent gentleman and servant of the people.


That's exactly what they're getting. And they don't like it. They complain they're not getting it, when in reality, it's the last thing they really want.

Bwaaaaaaa!. Gym Jordan and the Republicans look utterly defeated.

They look so devastated as they talk to the press.

I can't watch the hearings without tearing up.

Watching brave souls and honorable representatives work to protect our precious democracy and system of government. To watch the checks and balances work their way. What a beautiful thing to behold. It makes me cry. I was beginning to think we had lost our way.

Thank you Nancy Pelosi.
Thank you Jerry Nadler.
Thank you Adam Schiff.
Thank you Elijah Cummings.
Thank you to all our representatives who are pursuing justice, and thank you Mr./Mrs. Whistleblower and the brave souls willing to testify.

I hate them, I hate them, I'm sick of them

Trying to destroy our democracy. They make me sick!

I just really want to know what the kompromat is.

On all of them. I can't wait to find out. Will we ever know?

I was just wondering. Doesn't Turkey produce a lot of heroin? And isn't heroin a component

of all the opioids that the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical companies have been selling to America?

And then there's Bolton saying he don't want to be a part of this "drug deal".


The absurdity of it all!

They want to fry the president who did his job and tried to do something about Russian meddling while doing absolutely nothing about the "president" who won't do anything about it.

How utterly absurd! Utterly utterly....

Just wtf!
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