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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,183

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Trump's biggest problem now is there are a lot of people now wondering if democracy matters.

The only way to see if it does, is to vote against Trump and see if it's really true that your vote matters.

I think a lot of usually not caring people will vote against him just to see what happens.

Kidnap?!! What were they going to do to her once they captured her?

Inquiring minds would like to know. Wonder what the wires will reveal?

What the hell were they going to do with her? Where were they going to keep her?

Leave that fly alone! That was a BLM fly.

He landed on Pence's head exactly the moment he was denying racism.

She's winning it!

Ha ha. Yes.

They are too close!

I swear. If Pence gives her covid....!

I bet you Trump could lie and pass a lie detector test.

He's had no reason his whole life to ever have to doubt anything he's ever said. He's always made his own reality.

I bet you he believes his own lies so much that he would sail through a lie detector test with flying colors.

Covid is blowing his mind though. He keeps telling it to magically disappear but it won't.

Aw man. What a pity party is going on on Hannity.

Lol. They're outraged that Trump isn't getting any sympathy.

It's so wrong!

What if Trump and Pence have to quarantine? Who becomes acting president?

No one will pardon him

In the end, there will be no one who will want to, or need to, pardon Trump. He will be rendered so low that he will have to pathetically announce that he pardons himself.

No one will accept it. Not even his stacked court. He will be utterly pitiful.

That is my dream.

The racism is off the hook right now!

Open festering boil. He's stoking as hard as he can. Blowing on it with a bellows.

Ordering the cancellation of diversity training? Crying about the current school curriculum?

Law and Order? Antifa equals BLM equals antifa equals violence equals riots?

Give the power back to police?

Herd immunity?

I feel vindicated regarding herd immunity. I kept saying from the outset that he wanted to just "ride it out" as he said "some people" were saying. More old and minorities dying than anybody else. He was calling his deplorables "warriors" - I knew then that it was let them die and prune the population.

There's no reason not to wear hoods now. They are way out in the open with racism. They believe it's the winning ticket.

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