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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 22,976

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"Her popular vote margin over Trump all came from California"

This is a favorite chestnut over at Fox, Breitbart, etc.; Trump himself has used it, and it’s terribly dismissive of the State of California, as if it were a mere snap-on piece of the map, an accessory that can just be removed and thus some kind of “real picture” of America emerges with liberal California subtracted and out of the way.

While it’s technically mathematically correct in numbers only, when it’s used to prove some point, it’s grossly inconsiderate of the nearly 40 million Americans who live, work, pay (heavy) taxes and vote here.

One could just as easily pick any state or region, and add or subtract its votes to make some case for this-or-that trend, but somehow, it seems that California gets picked on first, primarily because it’s a powerhouse liberal state, and knocking it is a right-wing staple.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a native Californian, and my beef is the lack of representation for this state.

Take the six predominantly Republican States of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota and South Dakota. Six states, population about 4 million, 12 senators.
And California? Population 40 million, just two senators. 36 million more people, but no additional representation.

Trumpists are a CULT, existing in a manufactured alternate reality, impervious to objective facts.

There is NOTHING that would make Trumpists turn away from their leader.

The right-wing feedback system (Fox, hate radio, Russian trolls, etc.) reinforces daily their delusional beliefs, with non-stop florid tales of the latest attacks to malign and undermine their heroic, embattled Leader, who is fighting a desperate, defensive campaign against the Soros-funded, Obama/Clinton-led, godless, “Deep State” Democrat (sic) pedophile Armies of Darkness.

Sound insane? Of course it does, because it is. Sound far-fetched? Spend an hour reading Breitbart, or watch 10 minutes of Hannity. Take a dervish-spin through social media, using the search terms “patriot” and “liberty,” and read the unbridled, bottomless hatred in the user comments.

If you do, you’ll see that my first paragraph above is actually the lighter fare. American democracy is in deep trouble.
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