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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 2,769

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Happily living in a blue state.

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I live in a very blue town, in a very blue state.


As for Trumpaltars --- during the last election, there were two that I knew of (and saw).

There was the one on a very busy road that had a big homemade statue of TFG, dozens of signs, and even more flags, all put out at the end of his driveway as close to the road as he could get. They disappeared soon after the election.

The other one was in my neighborhood, but was "low key" for a Trumpaltar. It consisted of a giant TFG sign (professionally printed) and a very big American flag pinned to their fence that faces a busy road, and as many large and small flags as they could possibly fit on their property. However, someone STOLE the fence flag and that actually made me mad. He could put up as many TFG signs as he wanted, but nobody had the right to vandalize the display.
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