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Gender: Male
Hometown: VA
Home country: USA
Current location: VA
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 55,445

About Me

I'm still living... Twitter: @glitchy_ashburn

Journal Archives

Your Daily Greenwald, back by popular demand!

Well, not really... At this point in time, smacking down Glennbo is 1. Stupidly easy, 2. A waste of my time and 3. Redundant since Glennbo has done more to hang himself than I ever could...

But I couldn't pass up him sinking to a new low by calling black women "Nazis" for daring to support the Veep:


Meanwhile, his adopted nation of Brasil is sadly coming apart at the seams... You'd think the patron saint of investigative journalism would be busy with other things since under his boy Bolsonaro the rainforest continues to shrink and COVID deaths continue to get covered up...

Glenn Greenwald continues to tweet Glenn Greenwald things:

(And yes, that is his former partner-in-crime Marcy Wheeler calling his ass out)


Trump gets banned from twitter and Greenwald/Snowden/Tracey play the "CENSORSHIP" card?!







The horseshoe left decides to go down with the USS Trump, 2021 edition:











More Greenwald Silliness:






Ryan Grim bonus:




I guess it's true that if you sit by the river long enough, you'll see the bodies of your enemies float by... I mean holy damn, even his girl Marcy Wheeler has smoke for him out the door:

And yes, my vindication is now full and unequivocal.

I'll be adding a lot more goodies tonight.

Your Daily Greenwald, "But I Don't Support Trump!" Edition


Russian election meddling is back -- via Ghana and Nigeria -- and in your feeds

Accra, Ghana (CNN)The Russian trolls are back -- and once again trying to poison the political atmosphere in the United States ahead of this year's elections. But this time they are better disguised and more targeted, harder to identify and track. And they have found an unlikely home, far from Russia itself.

In 2016, much of the trolling aimed at the US election operated from an office block in St. Petersburg, Russia. A months-long CNN investigation has discovered that, in this election cycle, at least part of the campaign has been outsourced -- to trolls in the west African nations of Ghana and Nigeria.

They have focused almost exclusively on racial issues in the US, promoting black empowerment and often displaying anger towards white Americans. The goal, according to experts who follow Russian disinformation campaigns, is to inflame divisions among Americans and provoke social unrest. The language and images used in the posts -- on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram -- are sometimes graphic.

One of the Ghanaian trolls -- @africamustwake -- linked to a story from a left-wing conspiracy website and commented on Facebook: "America's descent into a fascist police state continues."


I'm not even a cat person but I *must* have one of these:


Commuting the sentence of a Medicare fraudster? An unwise move by President Trump.

Last week, President Trump saw fit to issue a commutation to prolific Medicare fraudster Judith Negron, who had served only 8 years of an appropriate 35-year sentence, handed down in one of the largest Medicare frauds in history. South Florida, the epicenter of health care fraud, each year, has seen countless health care professionals like Negron willfully engage in elaborate schemes to bilk a system created to provide care to millions of elderly Americans.

So while the president certainly has the constitutional authority to pardon, this particular action sends a disturbing message and serves to demean the extraordinary efforts of prosecutors and agents attempting to rein in pervasive fraud that costs taxpayers billions of dollars annually. The president's decision may well even encourage lawlessness in a federal program that can least afford it.

As a federal prosecutor for more than 25 years, I saw the devastating impact of health care fraud and spent a substantial part of my career prosecuting it and training prosecutors how to recognize and attack it. Negron’s scheme was a troubling but important reminder of how law enforcement and the judicial system work in tandem to root out and deter significant health care frauds.

She took advantage of the vulnerable
Over the years, Negron’s company, American Therapeutic Corporation (ATC) used thousands of elderly Alzheimer’s and dementia patients as pawns to overwhelm the system and defraud Medicare of more than $200 million. These elderly victims were mere props in a sophisticated fraud scheme — unwittingly rented for the day from a nearby assisted living facility for a few pieces of silver, $25 to be exact, simply to be abused under the guise of providing a “service” that Medicare would pay for handsomely.

The scheme’s success spawned many copycats, and before long, South Florida had more adults in community mental health “therapy” than New York City and Los Angeles combined. Reimbursements to South Florida clinics were more than half of what Medicare paid to the entire country.


So how much of her laundered money did she funnel to Trump's offshore slush fund?
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