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I'm still living... Twitter: @glitchy_ashburn

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Holy damn...And I thought *I* was good back in the day

And he STILL didn't get the high score? How much better was THAT kid?

Formula 1 - Tests show F1 now even closer - Lotus

After a 2012 campaign that produced seven different winners from the first seven races - and a title fight that went all the way to the final round in Brazil – Allison says early indications from testing point to things being tighter still this season.

AUTOSPORT analysis: What we learned from test two

"What is absolutely clear from the first couple of tests is that it is close at the front," said Allison at a FOTA Fans Forum event in Barcelona on Wednesday.

"Of course things can change, and we are not wearing the Melbourne clothes on the car yet.

"It was close last year but the indications are that it is closer still this year. It would be a bold person who could make a prediction on who will win this year. It could be any one from four teams."

F1's final pre-season test commences at Barcelona on Thursday. All teams are set to introduce their final updates at the test ready for next month's Australian Grand Prix.

And although the four days of running look set to be hit by poor weather, the update situation should provide a better indication of the frontrunning pecking order for Melbourne.

Passive DRS set to add new factor

F1's competitive balance could be further shaken up later in the campaign too, with Allison revealing that Lotus will only bring its passive DRS into play once the season is under way.

"We tried to make it work last year, and it is fiercely complicated to make it work," he said. "There is a tantalising gain to be had from it if you can make it work, a gain you would rather have than not have, but it remains a difficult thing.

"We have done a little bit of intermediate work at the last test on getting ready for it, and will do some more on it here. But I don't think at the end of this test we will be ready to go with it 100 per cent.

"But we will be closer to it, and I am hopeful that at some point this year we will be ready to make it work and make it pay."

Report: Guardiola spied on players

According to Spanish newspaper El Confidencial, ex-Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola went to extreme lengths to ensure club harmony by spying on his players via a private detective agency while with the La Liga giants.

The Spanish coach reportedly hired Metodo 3 from 2008-12 to track the personal lives of Barcelona players. Among those targeted were ex- Barca standouts Ronaldinho, Deco and Samuel Eto’o, while current star defender Gerard Pique was also monitored.

"The Metodo 3 detective agency spied on FC Barcelona players under orders from the then director of Security and now director general of Penitentiary Services for the Generalitat (autonomous government of Catalonia), Xavier Martorell,” says the report.

The report added: "During the time that Pep managed the 'Azulgranas' first team he developed a good understanding and friendship with Martorell, who willingly helped Guardiola to be informed at all times."

El Confidencial’s report suggests that inquiries to Pique’s private life began after the Spanish international started dating Colombian pop star Shakira, who he recently had a baby with. Detectives were rumored to have discovered Pique’s favorite night spots in Barcelona, where he would frequent with friends and family until the early morning.

Guardiola, who led Barcelona to 14 titles over four seasons and turned the Spanish club into arguably the best team in the world, has agreed to become the coach of Bayern Munich starting next season. Under his guidance, Barcelona dominated Spanish and European competitions with its passing game and frequent scoring from standout Lionel Messi.


Pee Wee hockey coach jailed for assault on 13-year-old player

Spend any time around minor hockey and you’ll see the worst side of people.

Sure, parents lose perspective with other sports, but there’s something unique about hockey that causes too many otherwise reasonable people to abandon all civility when they walk through the doors of the arena.
But it’s one thing when parents make fools of themselves in the stands. It’s another thing when an authority figure like Martin Tremblay loses it on the ice.

Tremblay, a pee wee coach in suburban Vancouver, was sentenced Tuesday to 15 days in jail for assaulting an opposing player in the handshake line after a game last June.

While his players knocked gloves with the other team, Tremblay ignored the outstretched hands offered his way. His only interaction came near the end of the line when he stuck out his foot and sent a 13-year-old tumbling to the ice.

Seriously, in the handshake line. The part of the game where hostilities are set aside and sportsmanship is celebrated.

Apparently that symbolism was lost on Tremblay, who wasn’t quite ready to celebrate after his UBC Hornets had won the league’s gold medal game, 5-4, over the Richmond Steel.

Yes, this guy lost his mind after a win.

Full marks here to Judge Patrick Chen, who ignored the Crown’s recommendation of 30 days house arrest and imposed a harsher sentence for a crime he called “a cowardly sucker punch on an unsuspecting victim.”

“Win or lose, this was just a game,” Chen said in his decision. “This was the last place anyone would have expected an assault to take place and the very last place that one would have expected an adult to assault a child.”


Miss Teen USA contestant resigns after porn video surfaces

In yet another Miss Universe scandal, Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King has given up her tiara after a porn video purporting to feature the pageant winner surfaced.

According to the newspaper website, Delawareonline.com, King denies she appeared in the video, despite the visual similarities between her and the woman in the video:

A porn website posted a sex video Monday featuring a woman who looks and sounds like King and claiming it is the teen pageant winner. King, contacted Monday, said she was aware of it, but denied it was her.

“Absolutely not,” she said. “It is not.”

Pageant spokesperson Dara Busch confirmed in an email to the newspaper that King had given up her title.

Cord Jefferson of Gawker.com describes the apparent link to Miss Teen USA in the video:

In the clip, a woman who resembles King says that she turned 18 three months ago—”In March”—before telling an off-camera interviewer that she decided to go into porn because she needed the money. The woman then says she participates in beauty pageants, though she doesn’t reveal in which state she competes.

No word on what Dave, who is described on her bio page as her “infamous ‘guy’ friend,” thinks about this.



Each year there's *something* dumb/tawdry/sensationalist to get Trump's pageant into the news cycle...When do people start noticing the pattern?

I guess I'm the only one surprised so many people watch this stuff

Each year like clockwork there is an outrage thread for:

1. The oscars host/presentation/selections
2. Super Bowl halftime
3. Miss America pageant

I haven't watched any of them since I was in middle school...Clearly nothing of value has been lost....

4 Famous Black Feminists You Never Learned About in School

Feminism, the age old F-word, is a key reason why millennial women are able to do the things they do.

Feminism has broken down barriers of inequality and liberated the daughters of a past generation to have it all: college educations, fulfilling careers, relationships on their own terms, and progressive status within their families. As women, we owe a lot to the feminist movement and to the leaders like Gloria Steinem who inspired a generation.

In honor of Black History Month, and in honor of the feminists women of color who have gone unacknowledged in the mainstream folds of the movement, I present to you a list of some of the most radical black feminists of all time.

Radical and revolutionary are terms that can be empty when not understood within their context. The following women are radical feminists because of their desire to bring attention to the plight of black women, which in some cases was and is different from the struggles of white women. Dealing with social conditions like slavery, structural racism, poverty and a denial of education, they called attention to the needs of black women in the U.S. in their own unique ways. And like other feminists, they were not afraid to be the first to do so.



The babies who nap in sub-zero temperatures

Daytime temperatures this winter in Stockholm have regularly dropped to -5C (23F) but it's still common to see children left outside by their parents for a sleep in the pram.

Wander through the snowy city and you'll see buggies lined up outside coffee shops while parents sip on lattes inside.

And if you are visiting friends and your child needs a nap, you may be offered the garden or balcony instead of a bedroom.

"I think it's good for them to be in the fresh air as soon as possible," says Lisa Mardon, a mother-of-three from Stockholm, who works for a food distribution company.

"Especially in the winter when there's lots of diseases going around... the kids seem healthier."

Her children have been sleeping outside since they were born.

The youngest, Alfred, is two and she puts him outside in the pram to nap once a day, for an hour and a half. When he was younger he slept outside twice a day.

This isn't a recent fashion. Lisa's mother, Gunilla, now 61, says she also did it with Lisa when she was a baby.



Doesn't exposed flesh freeze after a certain amount of time outside??

Sources: Hackers Vandalized Drudge Report For Last 15 Years

MIAMI—Following recent reports that a covert Chinese military unit is behind a series of cyber assaults on American companies, blogger Matt Drudge revealed to reporters today that his popular news aggregation website The Drudge Report has also been at the mercy of Chinese hackers since shortly after the site’s inception in 1996.
“They make the whole site look like garbage, they publish all this incendiary trash, and meanwhile I have to sit here with my name on this thing—it kills me,” said the popular blogger, who went on to claim the website’s primitive graphics, inflammatory muckraking, and shoddily researched takedowns were the work of a sophisticated unit of Chinese super-hackers determined to drag down the quality of what would otherwise be a reliable, respected source of online reportage and commentary.
“All I can say is if someone in China is trying to make my website look like complete and utter shit then they’re doing a hell of a job.” At press time, sources confirm Drudge was consulting popular viral content aggregator Buzzfeed to see how they were dealing with a similar breach in security.


The Russians are overpowered...


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