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Gender: Male
Hometown: VA
Home country: USA
Current location: VA
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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I'm still living... Twitter: @glitchy_ashburn

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I swear to GOD my real name is not Aryn Leroux and I don't live in Conn.

A 42-year-old Connecticut man was arrested Wednesday after making threats to the New York Mets organization.

According to NBC, Aryn Leroux made threats via Twitter to specific Mets players, coaches and executives, as well as to Citi Field. In a screenshot of some of the threats, posted below, Leroux said “there will be a blood-bath at Citi-Field tomorrow night.” It’s not clear which specific game he intended to act out the threats, but based on the screenshot, he does make mention of carrying out a threat on a game held on Friday, the 13th; the Mets won 4-3 at home against the Miami Marlins on Friday, Sept. 13.

LeRoux was arrested on an outstanding warrant after authorities acted on a joint investigation by the NYPD, the Queen’s (N.Y). District Attorney’s office and a detective from the West Haven (Conn.) police department. He is charged with threatening in the second degree and breach of peace and is being held on a $2,500 bond as he awaits arraignment at Milford (Conn.) Superior Court.


I'm SO jelly: Man buys World Series Game 1 ticket for $6

Deadspin has a story which should impress upon all of you the importance of good keyboarding skills and/or math and/or calendar awareness: It seems one of their readers hopped on StubHub looking for World Series tickets and found one for $3. He bought it, and after the service charges he has a ticket to Game 1 tomorrow night for six whole dollars.

I have to agree with Deadspin’s speculation: the seller screwed up when he entered the desired price of the ticket, either hitting enter too quickly, screwing up the decimals or something. Or maybe he’s suffering from some space-time phase-shift kind of situation and believes that the ticket was really for a weekday matinee against the Seattle Pilots in 1969. Seems like the most logical explanation, anyway.

So now we wait. For Deadspin or someone like them to find the huckleberry who just lost out on a chance to sell a World Series ticket for several hundred dollars.



China's Most Effective Whistleblowers? Mistresses

Hell hath no fury: 15 percent of whistleblowers who reported cases of Chinese government corruption via the internet over the past year were the unhappy mistresses of party officials. That figure, from an analysis by the Legal Daily, a publication run by China’s Ministry of Justice, comes with an important caveat: it’s based on a sample of what the publication deems 26 “typical cases” of real-name public reporting. But regardless of the methodology, the study underlines the role that China’s “other women,” (or “little third” as they’re commonly called) are playing in the country’s campaign to rein in graft. ”In China nothing is clear,” Zhu Ruifeng, a blogger whose anti-corruption website features some of the salacious testimonies of these women, told the BBC. “The public don’t know what officials are up to. But mistresses live with government officials, they spend their money, they know about everything that goes on.”

Because these often doomed relationships are so common among officials—they’re even fueling the country’s property bubble—it seems inevitable that ex-flames could turn into angry whistleblowers. A spate of officials have recently lost their jobs because of their extra-marital dalliances. In May, a government energy official was fired after his mistress told Chinese media he had embezzled $200 million from Chinese banks. Last year, a married district-level official in Chongqing stepped down after a sex tape was released that showed him with a young woman.

As much as mistresses symbolize the excess and sense of entitlement of China’s elites, they also represent a small group of Chinese citizens refusing be cast off by these powerful men. “The mistresses of officials have become a force of whistle-blowers that cannot be ignored,” the Legal Daily observed, forming a constituency with the potential to organize and protest. A forum for “little third” women features advice on how to get your “man to love you more” but also posts that say, “There’s unity in strength, we should act together and help each other.”

Take 26 year-old Ji Yingnan, who discovered her purported fiancee, an official with China’s state administration of archives, was married with a teenage son. In addition to posting hundreds of photos of the two online, she handed out CDs of the pictures in front of the gates of Zhongnanhai, the headquarters of China’s Communist Party, and detailed the extent of his lavish spending on her to Western and Chinese media. (He bought her an Audi and would stuff as much as $1,000 in her purse every day when they first met.) ”People’s awareness is becoming stronger,” she told the Washington Post. “People won’t believe what they’re told as easily. In the era of the Internet, the government cannot hide things from people.” The official was soon sacked.


Where would sports be without the "voice of the fan"?


Conservative activist Ben Shapiro says George Zimmerman’s brother backs his Ritz Crackers boycott

Conservative activist Ben Shapiro breathlessly announced an endorsement Friday of his boycott of Ritz Crackers.

The Breitbart News editor and author called for the boycott because the snack food advertises during the MSNBC program hosted by the Rev. Al Sharpton, who Shapiro chides for referring to white people using the word “cracker” in a 1994 speech.

The boycott drew at least one semi-famous supporter in Robert Zimmerman Jr., brother of the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted in July of manslaughter in the fatal shooting 2012 of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.

“There is perhaps no one more undeserving of the title ‘Reverend’ in the world than Al Sharpton,” said Robert Zimmerman, brother of George Zimmerman.

Shapiro hyped the announcement by saying that Robert Zimmerman, who has appeared on cable news programs to suggest the 17-year-old killed by his brother was a drug dealer and had purchased guns illegally, spoke to him exclusively.

“It is clear to me that inciting and promoting racial discord have proven far too profitable vehicles of wealth for Sharpton to abandon on his own but we can force the hand of his sponsors and send a message that he can’t ignore by hurting him where he’s bound to feel it — his wallet,” Robert Zimmerman said.


Anybody want to tell me again how great this family is??

The hunt for Gloria De Piero's topless photos serves one purpose: discrediting her

Who are the people in parliament today? Well, of the 650 MPs, 20 (19 Conservative and one Lib Dem) went to Eton. Twenty-seven come from ethnic minorities; 147 are women. And at least one of them has posed topless for money.

If you haven't been following the saga of shadow minister Gloria De Piero's breasts this week, here it is in a nutshell bikini: she got them out for money when she was 15 years old and living in poverty, she was questioned about it during the 2010 election campaign, and she announced two days ago on her personal blog that a news agency "acting on behalf of a national publication" was offering a hefty sum for access to the pictures. Clearly, this was not because said news outlet needed racy pictures, stat, and all the glamour models were booked up. It was not for personal fetishistic reasons or because the editors were cashing in on the past success of Zoo magazine's infamous "Diamond Boobilee" edition by collating their own "best of British boobs" with a political twist. Alas, there is only one real reason a newspaper wanted Gloria De Piero's breasts: in order to discredit her.

Of course, this tiresome tactic has been following professional women around like a bad smell ever since they stepped out of the kitchen ("Stop that particle physics demonstration immediately! I've heard the lecturer was once a total whore!" Naked photographs are the favoured blackmailing tool of modern society, from the boardrooms of the most powerful tabloids right down to the hacked Snapchats in the schoolyard. Despite the fact that most of us who venture into the world wide web on a daily basis wouldn't bat a desensitised eyelid at "Dirty Cumsluts IV: Grandma Gets Horny" getting advertised in the corner of our smartphone screens, we know that tangible proof a female MP once showed her nips in public is enough to embarrass her out of politics for ever. We were all up in arms about losing access to violent porn, so why in another context do we become so instantly prudish?

Put simply, the topless teenager doesn't fit that eternal image of a politician that exists in our public consciousness. A politician is a certain kind of person, one who is either truly squeaky clean or – more likely – artfully adept at PRing their own past misdemeanours. We can just about forgive the Bullingdon Club member who explains away his money-burning and wanton destruction of property as shameful juvenile behaviour, who recasts his errors as raucous childish idiocy that he learned from before he became a pinnacle of traditional morality. But we are much less likely to accept the unapologetic statement of De Piero that "I have talked about why I posed for those photos in interviews before. I thought at the time it was a way of improving my circumstances. This is part of my story and part of who I am." She is not, after all, presenting herself as a one-time tearaway converted to the straight and narrow, to the "political path". Instead, she is saying: topless teenagers are politicians too. I haven't fundamentally changed, and I don't need to.


Report: Flight to Orlando used as terrorist practice run

Orlando, Fla. —

Terrorists are in the midst of practice runs in preparations for an attack on U.S. airlines.

That is the claim made in a report from Tampa's CBS affiliate, WTSP TV.

WTSP has obtained what it claims is a memo from the union that represents pilots for many major airlines that warns that terrorist dry runs are already underway and that the most notable example is a flight inbound to Orlando in last month.

The pilots say the most recent dry-run occurred on Flight 1880 on September 2. The flight left Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. and headed to Orlando International.

Crew members say that shortly after takeoff, a group of four "Middle Eastern" men caused a commotion.

The witnesses claim one of the men ran from his seat in coach, toward the flight deck door. He made a hard left and entered the forward bathroom "for a considerable length of time."

While he was in there, the other three men proceeded to move about the cabin, changing seats, opening overhead bins, and "generally making a scene." They appeared to be trying to occupy and distract the flight attendants.

The 10 News Investigators contacted both US Airways and the Transportation Security Administration both confirmed the incident.


seriously?? if these mythical "middle eastern" men were causing such a fuss, why not have them arrested upon touchdown??

Air Marshal Accused Of Taking Photos Under Skirts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A federal marshal was arrested at Nashville International Airport after he was accused of taking pictures with his cell phone underneath women's skirts as they boarded the aircraft Thursday morning.

According to a police affidavit, 28-year-old Adam Bartsch boarded Southwest Airline's flight 3132 on official duty as a Federal Air Marshal. A witness grabbed Bartsch's cellphone and notified a flight attendant.

Bartsch was taken off the plane, and airport police responded. After being questioned, Bartsch admitted to taking the pictures. He was transported to Metro Booking and charged with disorderly conduct.

The Transportation Security Administration issued this statement in response to the incident:

"TSA does not tolerate criminal behavior. The agency has removed this individual from their current duties and is in the process of suspending or terminating their employment. TSA is cooperating fully with investigators."



More fun with military training films

Nightmare in Maryville: Teens’ sexual encounter ignites a firestorm against family

That morning last April when Melinda Coleman received word that emergency vehicles were gathering around her Maryville house, she had hoped for the best. But if the events of the past year and a half had taught her anything, it was that when the town of Maryville was involved, that seemed unlikely. Since the morning her daughter had been left nearly unconscious in the frost of the home’s front lawn, this northwest Missouri community had come to mean little besides heartache.

Few dispute the basic facts of what happened in the early morning hours of Jan. 8, 2012: A high school senior had sex with Coleman’s 14-year-old daughter, another boy did the same with her daughter’s 13-year-old friend, and a third student video-recorded one of the bedding scenes. Interviews and evidence initially supported the felony and misdemeanor charges that followed. Yet, two months later, the Nodaway County prosecutor dropped the felony cases against the youths, one the grandson of a longtime area political figure.

The incident sparked outrage in the community, though the worst of it was directed not at the accused perpetrators but at a victim and her family. In the months that followed, Coleman lost her job, and her children were routinely harassed. When it became too much, they left, retreating east to Albany.

Coleman had hoped the move would allow them to heal in peace, that the 40 miles separating the towns would be enough to put an end to their bitter saga. Now, though, as she stared at the charred remains of her house, the distance didn’t seem nearly enough.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/10/12/4549775/nightmare-in-maryville-teens-sexual.html#storylink=cpy
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