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Your daily Intecept:


MEANWHILE, in South Korea:


Your daily Greenwald/Tracey:



Paul Golding is a lying racist piece of shit...


Today's Daily Greenwald (It's all the Dem's fault, naturally)


This is like the Human Centipede of "mutual interests" dudebroism... Shitstain Greenwald responding to fucking Raimondo who is quoting motherfucking Cernovich who is defending that piece of shit Assange...

Revisiting Bill O'Reilly's creepy-assed 1998 novel

In 1998, Bill O’Reilly published his first and, so far, only novel: “Those Who Trespass: A Novel of Television and Murder.” The main character is a violently bitter journalist named Shannon Michaels, who, after being pushed out of two high-profile positions, takes revenge on four of his former colleagues by murdering them one by one.

On Wednesday, shortly after O’Reilly was ousted at Fox News, the apparent result of a mounting protest against his long record of alleged workplace sexual harassment—and, more to the point, the financial damage that this protest was doing to the network—I picked up a copy of “Those Who Trespass” and read it straight through. The novel, peppered with rants about ex-wives, newsroom politics, and the Long Island Expressway, is an astonishing read for many reasons, including O’Reilly’s credible ability to write in free indirect discourse. Another is the unchecked lust for revenge and violence that permeates the novel. And there is the fact that a veteran newsman preys upon a younger female co-worker in the very first scene.

The second sentence of “Those Who Trespass” describes Ron Costello, a correspondent for Global News Network, on assignment in Martha’s Vineyard and struggling with a “basic human need, the need for some kind of physical release.” Costello spots a pretty camerawoman at a party, happily notes that she’s had too much vodka, and approaches her with “intense sexual hunger.” Costello is “universally loathed” at his network, O’Reilly writes, but Costello doesn’t mind: “His energy was directed toward getting as much as he could of what he wanted. And tonight he wanted this freelance GNN camerawoman named Suzanne. He wanted her in a big way.” When Suzanne rejects Costello, he’s furious. (“Goddamn bitch. She’ll be sorry,” he thinks.) Then the vengeful Michaels kills Costello by shoving a silver spoon through the roof of his mouth and into his brain.

As Nicholas Lemann noted in a piece about O’Reilly, from 2006, for this magazine, the feud between Michaels and Costello in “Those Who Trespass” is based on O’Reilly’s experience at CBS, in the eighties, during the Falkland Islands War. O’Reilly and his crew had captured exclusive footage of a riot in Buenos Aires, which CBS spliced into a report delivered by the veteran network correspondent Bob Schieffer, who never mentioned O’Reilly by name. In the novel, this is exactly what happens to Michaels, who, while still in Argentina, confronts Costello and assaults him in front of their co-workers. He is blacklisted from the network, and spends the next decade plotting his revenge.


It gets worse, much worse:


MEANWHILE, in India:

Married man sends hijack hoax email to avoid trip with girlfriend

Love can be tricky, especially when you're a married man with a child and you've got an online girlfriend who wants to go on vacation.

Police in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad arrested 32-year-old Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna on Thursday for allegedly sending a hoax email about an aircraft hijack plot. According to a statement by Hyderabad police, in the email, which was sent to Mumbai police on Saturday, Krishna claimed to be a woman who had overheard six men plotting to hijack planes in the cities of Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai the next day.

Mumbai police then alerted the security agencies, resulting in beefed up security at the concerned airports. Investigators traced the IP address to an internet cafe called E Netzone in Hyderabad and were able to narrow down the email to eight people. After examining CCTV footage from the area, police zeroed in on Krishna.

Police said Krishna confessed during questioning. He told them he had an online girlfriend in Chennai who wanted to take their relationship to the next level and had proposed a trip to Mumbai and Goa. The problem was, he didn't have enough money, and despite mentioning this to her, she really wanted to go.


MEANWHILE, in Florida:




I know Richard Spencer is just whoring for attention, but holy damn:


DNC Announces Members Of Unity Reform Commission

WASHINGTON ― Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez announced the complete list of people on the 21-member Unity Reform Commission on Monday.

The panel was created at the party’s national convention in July as a last-minute compromise between supporters of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and those of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who were demanding the elimination of super-delegates from presidential primaries. The commission will now begin the process of discussing reforms to the party’s presidential nominating process, including hot-button issues like the role of super-delegates and caucuses. It will present its recommendations to the DNC by January 2018.

The 21-member commission includes nine members selected by Clinton, seven members picked by Sanders, three picked by Perez, and the chair and vice chair ― selected by Clinton and Sanders, respectively.

Below is a complete list of the commission members:

Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Chair, District of Columbia; partner, Precision Strategies

Larry Cohen, Vice Chair, District of Columbia; chair of Our Revolution and former president of the Communication Workers of America

Charlie Baker, Massachusetts; president of Dewey Square Group and former chief administrative officer of the Clinton campaign

Jan Bauer, Iowa; Iowa Democratic National Committeewoman and Clinton supporter

Jeff Berman, District of Columbia, former Clinton campaign consultant

Lucy Flores, California, former Nevada Assemblywoman and Sanders supporter

Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), Clinton supporter

Maya Harris, New York, former senior policy adviser, Clinton campaign

David Huynh, Louisiana; former Clinton campaign director of delegate operations and ballot access

Elaine Kamarck, Massachusetts; senior fellow, Brookings Institution

Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair; Sanders supporter and Our Revolution board member

Nomiki Konst, New York; investigative reporter for the Young Turks and former Sanders convention delegate

Yvette Lewis, Maryland Democratic National Committeewoman and Clinton supporter

Gus Newport, California; former mayor of Berkeley, California and Sanders supporter

Jorge Neri, Illinois; former Clinton campaign Nevada state director

James Roosevelt, Jr., Massachusetts; president of Tufts Health Plan and co-chair of the Democratic national convention Rules and Bylaws Committee

Emmy Ruiz, Texas; former Clinton campaign Colorado state director

Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, Sanders convention delegate and Our Revolution board member

Jeff Weaver, Virginia; former Sanders campaign chair

Wellington Webb, Colorado; former Denver mayor and Clinton supporter

Jim Zogby, District of Columbia; founder of the Arab American Institute and Sanders supporter


My thoughts:

1. I can't go into detail without getting deleted, but I will say that Weaver, Konst and Turner are liabilities to this commission and I mean Cornel West-sized liabilities...

2. Nice of the author to interview two Sanders folks, one of whom still has an axe to grind from the primaries, and the other is chasing "Hillary's unseen hand of power" -conspiracies... I have a sneaking suspicion there's not going to be a lot of "unity" here...

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