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Duncan Grant

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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 7,895

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Compare and contrast is an acceptable method to critique both history and culture.

The subject here is the reporting done by one institution (NYT).

It’s not as if we’re arguing who offers the best or worst news coverage: NYT or Washington Post?

Whataboutism is propaganda or “public relations” between 2 or more competing factions (governments, airlines, hotels, sports teams, etc.) for the purposes of “winning”.

If we were to look at performance stats for a baseball player over three consecutive seasons, that’s not “whataboutism”. But once we critique two players from different teams — you’re bound to hear, “What about...”.

Please keep this in mind the next time you’re tempted to trivialize 100,000 AIDS deaths.

"Nation of Idiots" has become my refrain in recent years.

This may come as a surprise but there are people in this country who only believe their personal belief system. No matter the evidence, it can always be interpreted to fit their analysis. They evade the truth like it was a bill collector. If they found the truth, they’d burn it and file a claim.

And some of them can afford very expensive guns.
Posted by Duncan Grant | Thu May 7, 2020, 12:31 PM (1 replies)

The big lie. Illusory truth effect. Propaganda.

A reminder to us all that evil people know exactly what they’re doing — and he knows what he’s doing.
Posted by Duncan Grant | Tue May 5, 2020, 02:31 PM (1 replies)
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