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Parler's Internet host has its Internet addresses revoked

Parler, the beleaguered social network advertised as a “free speech” alternative to Facebook and Twitter, has had a tough month. Apple and Google removed the Parler app from their stores, and Amazon blocked the platform from using its hosting services. Parler has since found a home in DDoS-Guard, a Russian digital infrastructure company. But now it appears DDoS-Guard is about to be relieved of more than two-thirds of the Internet address space the company leases to clients — including the Internet addresses currently occupied by Parler.

The pending disruption for DDoS-Guard and Parler comes compliments of Ron Guilmette, a researcher who has made it something of a personal mission to de-platform conspiracy theorist and far-right groups.


It appears the Russian firm DDoS-Guard hosting Parler does not directly own the Internet addresses it is assigning. They are instead assigned to two corporations, one based in Belize and one based in Scotland. The entity which assigns Internet addresses in Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC) requires a physical presence in the region. The Belize company is a shell with no physical presence in Belize. LACNIC is terminating these addresses, including those assigned to Parler.
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