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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 39,749

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I reside in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I am female, single, and one year from full retirement. I'm already retired from a 30-year career with IBM. Love my Victorian house built in 1858 and my dogs and cats.

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This is the cake I'm entering in the county fair this year.

Not too good. My eye sight isn't what it used to be. The turrets aren't really level and were hard to form.
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Fri Aug 16, 2019, 06:36 PM (82 replies)

I had an abortion. Why it's none of your business.


What about those of us who arenít victims? What about those who simply happened to find ourselves pregnant? Abortion doesnít have to be motivated by trauma.

I had an abortion. Iím not going to tell you how old I was or what my circumstances were at the time. I wonít mention whether birth control was used or whether it wasnít. Iím not going to tell you whether the guy is or is not still a part of my life, whether it was a one-night stand or a long-term relationship. Iím not going to discuss the health of either party involved in the consensual or nonconsensual sex, nor the viability of the embryo. None of those details are pertinent. I got pregnant. I didnít want to be pregnant. I had a medical procedure to remedy the situation. Full stop.

I am an adult of sound mind and body. My government has decreed me capable of voting, of operating motor vehicles, of purchasing firearms, of paying taxes. Why is this irrational line drawn at body autonomy?

I had an abortion, and I need no oneís forgiveness. Nor should I need your permission. In defending reproductive rights, we should refrain from framing the argument around the most extreme and saintly of cases in the hope of converting more supporters. When we pander to find circumstances under which abortion becomes palatable, we dilute the simple message that body autonomy should be a right regardless of gender.
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Tue May 28, 2019, 08:55 AM (40 replies)

Well, as a 10 year survivor of HPV caused, Stage IV

cancer, I absolutely believe young people should be vaccinated. Incidents of HPV oral cancer are rising astronomically...now causing 70% of all throat and mouth cancers. As younger people now participate in oral sex as a substitute for intercourse, the number is expected to continue going up.

In case you don't know, treatment for oral cancers is among the most brutal of treatments. People may lose their ability to speak and/or eat. They lose their teeth, have blisters in their throat, and have their jaw bones disintegrate. And they die as it spreads. I have lost 2 of my support group members since February.

Either vaccine or make sure your kids don't ever have oral sex.
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Mon May 27, 2019, 08:59 PM (1 replies)

Travel advisory issued for American women.

Posted by sinkingfeeling | Wed May 15, 2019, 09:44 AM (30 replies)

Good God almighty, where are we headed? (Rant)

I have not selected a candidate as yet, but the nonsense that is going on about Joe Biden is making me terribly angry.

I am "old school", a 71 year-old woman. I was young and pretty good looking when the sexual revolution took place and women found birth control pills could allow them as much sex as the guys. We went to bars and night clubs hunting for "Mr. Goodbar". And, oh, the pickup lines and moves guys made back then.

I was a 'feminist' way back in the early 1970s and active in NOW. I faced real discrimination, in wages, mortgages, credit, promotions, etc. I had men force themselves on me and I handled them on my own. I truly believe the women of #metoo. I'm glad younger women do not put up with the crap I did.

However, it appears we are erasing our humanity at an alarming pace. There was a thread a couple of weeks ago about automation as progress. Some love self-checkout and buying anonymously online. I posted why I think we've lost a piece of ourselves here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=11949106

I feel the same about someone, including strangers, touching. I'm appalled that kindergarten teachers can no longer hug and comfort an upset child. I know that the level of nurses' compassion has dropped greatly over time. I can compare the care, concern, and comfort exhibited during my hysterectomy surgery in 1988 and that displayed during my cancer surgery in 2008. The latter was so bad, I told my doctor to either release me early or I would jump from the fifth floor window. He released me and I swore I'd die before ever going back in that hospital.

People here are condemning anyone who touches them as if it were a violent crime. If one is uncomfortable, they have the right to remove a hand or to say "stop", but give me a break. I love pats, hugs, a hand on my arm or a kiss on my cheek.

Are we going to be a society totally isolated from our humanity? We will soon only speak to machines and have no human contact expect for our immediate families. I would love to have an unsolicited hug from Joe Biden or Al Franken. I welcomed the hugs I've received in foreign countries and hope they continue to my dying days.
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Wed Apr 3, 2019, 07:51 PM (78 replies)

Joe Scarborough's opinion piece in WP took me by surprise.


I disagreed with Obama. But what Trump has done makes those differences insignificant.

The shocking conclusion to the 2016 campaign made millions of Americans, including me, look foolish for believing that Obamaís victories in 2008 and 2012 had proved that the United States had emerged from the scourge of racism infecting it for more than four centuries. I remain shocked that this strain of bigotry still fuels the political careers of Trump and his enablers on Capitol Hill.

Thatís why any policy differences I had with Obama now seem so insignificant. Americans who still have faith in the upward arc of Kingís moral universe should be grateful for Obamaís presidency and the way his election exposed the white racism that is still at large in our land. If changing the Constitution and reelecting Obama two more times would break the fever that now ravages Trumpís Washington, I would cheerfully champion the passage of that constitutional amendment, slap a ďHope and ChangeĒ sticker on my shirt, and race to the nearest voting booth to support the man historians will remember as the most significant president since Abraham Lincoln.
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Wed Mar 20, 2019, 09:56 AM (83 replies)

An event in Black History that I bet few know about happened 100 years ago.

This occurred in Phillips County, Arkansas, near the small town of Elaine, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 1919. White mobs killed somewhere between 100 and 237 black men, women, and children, maybe more.



Arkansas is holding a faith-based truth telling hearing on the event.


I've been in Arkansas since 1992 and this is the first I've heard about this massacre.
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Sat Feb 9, 2019, 10:42 AM (21 replies)

Just a real life story....

In 1957, I was 9 years old and suddenly there was a major shift in my world. My 43 year old father had a serious heart attack and was told to stop working. My dad was a full time Chevolet parts manager and farmed 225 acres in his spare time.

So, we left Ohio and my rural grade school (class of 18 kids) and headed to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. There I was appalled by the strange teaching methods I found in my new school where there were 6 fourth grades! We were divided into teams and there were all kinds of point systems.

It was a much different world from the corn fields and woods of Ohio. I saw water fountains and restrooms labeled 'black' and 'white'. There were no African Americans in my school. I saw the shabby 'black' school and the neighborhoods blacks were to live in. I was even called a 'damn Yankee'.

The biggest shock came with participation in my grade school's annual 'minstrel show'. My mother tried to explain what these shows were. I had to learn a bunch of Southern songs and I had one speaking line. I can't recall what my set up for the punchline was, but I had to call out, "Mr. Interlocutor, Mr. Interlocutor!" Then I asked my question and the interlocutor responded, making a joke.
And they covered our faces with black makeup. They left white circles around our mouths and eyes.

As the years passed, I realized how awful all this was. But I don't believe I was given an opportunity to opt out. 3 years later I was back in Ohio and began to support the Civil Rights movement. Been an activist and a Democrat ever since.

People do become enlightened and they can change over time. And what is unacceptable in society also changes with time. That's how we progress.
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Thu Feb 7, 2019, 07:42 PM (9 replies)

Ten years ago today, I woke up from what was to have been minor

surgery to remove a benign lymph node, to be told they had discovered Stage IV cancer on both my tonsils. It was squamous cell carcinoma.
I was shocked as I had had no symptoms at all. I underwent 33 radiation treatments that also destroyed most of my saliva glands and taste buds, covered my throat with blisters, and burnt my neck. Didn't eat for 4 weeks.
But I survived and have been cancer free for TEN years!
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Wed Jan 16, 2019, 10:35 AM (69 replies)

Saw "On the Basis of Sex" today and I was crying like a baby at

the end. This is the story of my lifetime. When women were told who they could be and what they could do.

I was laughed at by the AF ROTC for wanting to join; told I'd be taking a man's place in vet school; worked in a place without a women's restroom; attended a conference where I was one of two women and 300 men; had to have my father co-sign for my first mortgage; and had to change my credit cards to my student husband's name.

And we fought back. I joined NOW, marched and protested, fought for abortion rights, equal pay, and the ERA.

I was so moved by the argument made by Ruth Ginsburg in the movie, I started to cry. And I kept crying as RBG made her cameo appearance.
I wish every college aged person were made to watch this movie. So many don't even believe the conditions women were in less than 50 years ago.
Posted by sinkingfeeling | Sat Jan 12, 2019, 06:39 PM (23 replies)
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