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Home country: England
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Excellent points ...

... and, furthermore, when someone is raised in an isolated cult with irrational & destructive
standards, they will be so totally immersed in it that not only do they see nothing wrong with
their way of life, they will actively strive to make their own behaviour "the best" by those lights
and exceed past records of depravity & excess.

That is the state that most politicians, board members, "expert economists" and their ilk
have reached over the last generation: total tunnel-vision with regard to both the real, physical
cost of their activities and the obscene levels of self-indulgent greed that they value as "good".
The course that has been set and is being deliberately followed by the "fraction of 1%" who
steer the ship of the modern world is insane according to the thinking of rational humans
but the plans of the former have rendered the latter powerless to do anything other than watch
in horror.

Time to hit the reset button.

That is just obscene ...

> Bluefin tuna frozen at -60C now could be sold in several years' time for astronomical sums
> if Atlantic bluefin becomes commercially extinct as forecast, a result of the near free-for-all
> enjoyed by the tuna fleet.

Mitsubishi are actually making a business plan that not only ensures Atlantic bluefin
will become "commercially" extinct by deliberate over-fishing but relies on this fact
so that their stored plunder will make a phenomenal profit.

There are no words to describe that level of base greed without invoking the usually
over-played adjective "evil".

Spot on - "a choiceless choice" due to the nature of our belief in exceptionalism

> Because we are so invested in our 10,000 year old story of human exceptionalism,
> we will not make any choice that might result in such a decline.

> Without fossil fuels we can't maintain our existing population or the civilization that
> supports us. We need that much energy to support this level of organization and
> activity for this many people. Without fossil fuel we would have only 13% of the energy
> we currently enjoy - assuming we could even maintain industrial-scale hydro and
> nuclear power without oil or gas.

> So what do we do? Well, we probably just muddle along doing whatever we think
> might be useful, as we usually do.

Three excellent points there (albeit re-arranged from your original order).

"We" (i.e., the leaders of the nations in our global society) will deliberately choose
not to take appropriate action to reduce or offset the medium-term future crash
because of the risk of losing money and/or power in the very short term.

"We" will justify this pathetic inaction - ironically wasting even more resources
with each pointless exotic jolly for petty politicians - by thinly-disguised prayers
to the gods of "economy", "progress" and "future technology" whilst knowing full well
that every deferral, every obstacle, every call for "additional studies" not only brings
the crunch point closer (by maintaining BAU) but makes the pain more intense
and longer-lasting (by avoiding preparation).

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