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Gender: Male
Hometown: Maryland
Member since: Sun Aug 17, 2003, 11:39 PM
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If Trump wasn't president, he'd be detained, questioned

...threatened with arrest if he continued to incite violence against individuals.

Trump is actively fomenting violence against his political opponents, critics. and their supporters. He's scheduled for another one of his 'rallies' tonight where he stirs up his already violent rabble against Democrats with incendiary lies and 'meddlesome priest' appeals that are pushing people to violent acts.


What's happened to America that we're allowing this spoiled, bad-seed, man-child to bully the nation from our own offices of government with impunity? Is there no fucking authority in the nation with the power to muzzle this terrorist-enabling thug?

Collins spent an hour elevating an unrepentant sexual assailant over his victim

...this is the grotesque face of the republican party.


Watching (not actually listening) to Susan Collins' hour-long lecture to sexual assault survivors and those of us who actually give a damn about the rights of women and other survivors, I remembered this de Tocqueville quote about power and assumed authority:

Rulers who destroy men's freedom commonly begin by trying to retain its forms. ... They cherish the illusion that they can combine the prerogatives of absolute power with the moral authority that comes from popular assent. - Alexis de Tocqueville

Here are republicans visibly and functionally out of step with the rest of America, yet they moralize down to us from their elevated positions of power. There's no humility, no consideration for the majority of Americans who disagree with them. Just raw, naked power manipulated for their benefit alone.

Consider this vote scheduled for tomorrow. It's a simple majority vote where it used to require a supermajority (60 votes) for advancement of a SC nominee. That's a consequence of the absolute power afforded to the republican party. Once they got the majority, they discarded Senate comity and simply changed the rules to suit their own interests. Garland was just a teaser, this republican party is on a tear.

It's a rampage through our democratic system of government complete with an opposites game that looks to be modeled after Orwell's '1984' - blatant lies presented as truth; one of the nation's most prominent religious leaders trotted out to proclaim that 'not completing the act' isn't rape, no matter that the person he's defending denied even attending such a party.

Kavanaugh went even further, proclaiming several times that, although he really "liked beer," he never drank to excess. That assertion completely at odds with a letter revealed, in his own handwriting, signed 'Bart,' saying beach house neighbors should be warned that they're "loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us."

We're dealing with weak and vulnerable bullies and liars. There is nothing redeemable about the republican party because there's nothing that they appear to care about outside of their sweet selves. But not to despair...some Tennyson to soothe the sour palate:

“Let darkness keep her raven gloss:
Ah, sweeter to be drunk with loss”

We're Democrats, and we're on the right side, if not the winning one. We don't shift to suit the political winds, and we act on principle and conviction, not political expediency. We have an affirming election coming in a few weeks where we can get on with removing these relics of absolute power, these horridly tragic mistakes of popular assent. Lets get on with it.
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