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Belize is preparing for her future knowing that it's limitless


Kirsten Allen @knicole_a
By asking @KamalaHarris - only the third black woman to run for President - “what it’s like running for President and if you get nervous,” Belize is preparing for her future knowing that it’s limitless. This is what #ForThePeople means. This is why #RepresentationMatters.




Most striking watching Cohen's extraordinary testimony about Trump's criminality

...why isn't this an IMPEACHMENT hearing?

ANY other president... but the nation is set back on its heels by this buffoon in the WH, by his republican Senate.

This is a national shame. The president and his party are everything Cohen says about Trump. They're "racists, conmen, and cheats."

Cohen is one sleazy dude. Watching and listening to him just brings the entire, sordid farce of a presidency into focus. Trump gained his office deliberately surrounded by a circus of unbridled criminality, and Cohen is laying it all out in the committee like a mobster turned state's evidence. I don't think it's an accident that this reads like something being prosecuted out of the RICO Act.

This is Sammy the Bull testifying against John Gotti. Shouldn't really be surprising it reads like that, given Trump's decades of mob-connected financial dealings; comparisons made inevitable by the fact it was Mueller who took down the mob boss.

Really puts this incredible and historic hearing in perspective.

Kamala Harris - For The People - at Women's 'Power Rising' Summit in New Orleans

Okaloosa Democrats @OkaloosaDems 6h6 hours ago
KAMALA HARRIS & STACEY ABRAMS: Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams speak in New Orleans at the Power Rising Summit, an annual event to ‘celebrate and grow the collective power of Black women.

Halleemah Nash @halleemah 5h5 hours ago
@StarJonesEsq and @KamalaHarris talking “For The People” at #PowerRising

Maeve Reston @MaeveReston 5h5 hours ago
An interesting note from @KamalaHarris here at the Power Rising summit on her strong and enduring self confidence throughout her career. "I was raised to believe I belonged wherever I wanted to go.” She says whatever room she wanted to go in, she believed she belonged there.#iampowerrising #powerrising2019


Flo McAfee @soukieg 5h5 hours ago
“Don’t ever let anyone tell you who you are. Tell them who you are.”@KamalaHarris #IAmPowerRising


MG @MonicaGinDC 5h5 hours ago
Loved that @KamalaHarris took the time to share and talk with the next generation of leaders #IAmPowerRising



MG @MonicaGinDC5h5 hours ago
My girl, the one with the white T-shirt, could barely contain her excitement as she stood just one person away from candidate @KamalaHarris #futurevoter #nextgeneration #IAmPowerRising

DocWard @DocWard1 3h3 hours ago
How powerful is this image? Black women in the #CBC represent !!
#iampowerrising #powerrising2019 #WakandaForever

NOBEL-Women @NOBELWomen1 5h5 hours ago
"The day we stop fighting is the day we lose"- Senator @KamalaHarris #IAmPowerRising


RBG Delivers Majority Opinion Banning Excessive Fines for States, Citing History of Black Codes

Legal Defense Fund @NAACP_LDF 2h2 hours ago
A huge victory for criminal justice reform. In Timbs v. Indiana, #SCOTUS formally incorporates the 8th Amendment's Excessive Fines Clause against the states—majority opinion by #RBG. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/18pdf/17-1091_5536.pdf

Megan Ming Francis @meganfrancis 19m19 minutes ago
BREAKING: RBG delivers #SCOTUS opinion in Timbs v. Indiana where she situates protection from excessive fines in history of black codes & convict labor after the Civil War 🔥 https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/18pdf/17-1091_5536.pdf


Opinion analysis: Eighth Amendment’s ban on excessive fines applies to the states

Whole hog, greens, cornbread and Kamala

Dave Weigel @daveweigel 20h20 hours ago
Kamala Harris’s first South Carolina stop today: BBQ

Steadman™ @AsteadWesley 20h20 hours ago
Hi from Charleston, SC... Here's Senator Kamala Harris ordering some BBQ at Rodney Scott's. Her order: Whole Hog, greens, and cornbread

Kyung Lah @KyungLahCNN 20h20 hours ago
BBQ & South Carolina. ⁦@KamalaHarris⁩ takes her campaign to the voters’ hearts and stomachs. #cnnpolitics #2020

Kyung Lah @KyungLahCNN 20h20 hours ago
A woman who knows how to eat: ⁦@KamalaHarris⁩ orders the house specialty, pulled pork sandwich & a side of greens. Big smiles of approval as she places her order #2020campaign


Caitlin Byrd @MaryCaitlinByrd 22h22 hours ago
If your going to eat barbecue, eat with the (pit) master: Kamala Harris eats Rodney Scott BBQ with Rodney Scott. #2020inSC #scpol



Ian Sams @IanSams 20h20 hours ago
cc: @TexasPete



These little leaders and Kamala

Dorien @DorienPaul
At @KamalaHarris’ Charleston Town Hall these little leaders climbed under the rope line and organized their own photo-op with the boss... #ForThePeople #Kamala2020

photo: Wade Spees

Ian Sams @IanSams 9h9 hours ago
Quite a shot of @KamalaHarris’ first crowd in South Carolina, via @postandcourier:

Melanie Mason @melmason 16h16 hours ago
Quite a turnout for @KamalaHarris’ townhall in Charleston. Capacity in this gym is around 1500 people and it’s pretty darn full (the upper balcony has filled in even more since this photo)

Elijah Nouvelage @wanderinghome 9h9 hours ago
Here’s another angle from @reuterspictures @IanSams https://pictures.reuters.com/archive/USA-ELECTION-HARRIS-RC1601F60100.html

Ali Vitali @alivitali 17h17 hours ago
Picking up the #sopanarama mantle with this one from @KamalaHarris’s town hall in North Charleston, SC.

Lily Adams @adamslily 15h15 hours ago
The selfie crush is real.

Trump's withdrawing from the nuclear treaty to construct another self-serving crisis


In this case, the ploy is to ramp up the notion that Russia is out of compliance with the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, so that Trump can proceed with his desire to develop and deploy a new generation of mini 'usable' nukes. Withdraw from the treaty will allow the U.S. to proceed with nuclear tests which were restricted by the INF.

Watch for that development coming shortly after this announcement today.

What I wondering about in the meantime is the aim of the administration to upgrade and deploy existing missiles, like the Tomahawk, and ship them off to Europe.

Such a move would require the agreement of our NATO allies... That's right, the same NATO which Trump has been shunning and disparaging in the past few months.


Trump’s announcement that the United States would exit the treaty raised fears of a return to Cold War tensions when nuclear-tipped missiles across the continent threatened to strike targets within minutes...

European leaders have sought to preserve the arms control framework, even as NATO foreign ministers declared Tuesday that they believed Russia was in violation.

“I regret that we now most likely will see the end of the INF Treaty,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who has spoken of how the Cold War arms buildup shaped his views of security as he grew up in Norway. “We really felt that the world was moving forward when the Soviet Union and the United States in 1987 agreed.”

The termination plan was set to go into effect Tuesday, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders persuaded Trump to delay the move to allow for additional consultations, according to diplomats and officials familiar with the discussions...

What's likely to happen will be similar to this push past the European allies we're supposed to be protecting from nuclear war with this arms agreement. Trump is poised to escalate nuclear weapons development without any regard at all for the security of our allies. What's forgotten is how the U.S. pledge to halt its own nuclear proliferation and our commitments under NATO served to keep other nations from pursuing their own nuclear weapons programs with the promise of mutual defense.

Trump's systematic, unilateral withdrawal of our security commitments around the globe threatens to transform the world into a nuclear wild west. Armageddon cowboys looking to actualize rapture.
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