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Gender: Male
Hometown: Maryland
Member since: Sun Aug 17, 2003, 11:39 PM
Number of posts: 77,435

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how long had Barack Obama been in the Senate before he was elected president?

...new to national government and all.

At the rate of attrition you're suggesting, the future is bleak for legislators like Kamala Harris, Black, a woman in a hierarchy of mostly White men.

But, maybe you're right. Maybe they'll let her excel, one day.

That debate some were having about 'spikes' in Covid infections due to BLM protests

...protesters took a lot of flack for this, including from my own governor grousing on television about more cases coming from protests, even after he allowed beaches to be filled with travelers to the Eastern shore without any visible safety measures, unlike BLM protesters who were mostly masked and distanced, outdoors where there's less chance of spreading the virus.

There is no evidence yet that the wave of Black Lives Matter protests across the U.S. has sparked COVID-19 outbreaks in the more than 3 weeks since they began, a new study says. https://t.co/mPX9QII4Ta?amp=1


my earlier post (May 31):

How does anyone get to cite these nascent protests as cause for the virus re-spreading
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