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Member since: Wed Aug 20, 2003, 09:49 AM
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Does US News and World Report have a conservative bias, or is that just me?

I don't want to be one of those people who only reads sites that lean my way, but I also do not want to spend time picking through the conservative bias to find what is really going on. Where can you go for the most unslanted information and analysis online?

OK, I am now fairly freaked out about the ACA and the insurance exchanges.

I just went to the Kaiser Family Foundation subsidy calculator and it is telling me that insurance through the ACA exchange for the state of North Carolina will cost me $9,615 per year or $801.25 per month for THREE members of my family. My husband and I file separately with me claiming the kids on my taxes and filing head of household. I have a declared self employment income of just under $20,000 after deductions. I run a horse boarding/training farm in upstate SC and we live just across the state line in NC. I put me, my 22 year old son who is still in college and my 17 year old daughter on there. None of us smoke.

Is this right? How do they expect me to pay $800 a month with an income of $1666 month? WTF? It says that I do not qualify for subsidies because I make 92% of the poverty level and subsidies are only for people who make 100% to 400%. So, it is basically saying that I am too poor to be subsidized? Does that make sense?

As for the actual exchange, I can't get in there. I have been trying three times a day for the past three weeks and never get to the point of actually being able to see policies.

Does anybody know if these figures that I have been given are accurate?

WHY does the dog have to jump on the bed to throw up?

Why can't they just throw up on the floor?

Sorry. I am trying to wean myself from Facebook, but the urge to share the minutia of my life with the universe is still strong.
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