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Member since: Wed Aug 20, 2003, 09:49 AM
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My Open Letter to Trump Supporters.....that lost me a few friends

So, folks, here's the deal: You can support Donald Trump. This is America and you can support any sociopathic, lying, hate filled, violent misogynist that tickles your fancy. But you have to stop considering yourself honorable or decent. Cause this is life and you don't get to have it both ways. You can fool yourself into thinking you can...but you can't. Supporting Donald Trump is a choice. And by our choices we reveal ourselves to the world. Again, tell yourself you are being pragmatic. Tell yourself you are succumbing to the inevitable. Tell YOURSELF whatever you need to get through the day. But do not think you are fooling anyone but you.
No one will ever forget this. No one will ever forget that you aligned yourself with THAT. Because this is life and people will pretend to ignore your choices, but they don't and they don't forget.
So, vote for Trump. Tell yourself it is because he is...Good God, I have nothing for that. I have nothing for how someone supports a person who encourages the general public to punch people in the face. Who stands for LITERALLY nothing but hate. Who puts forth ZERO agenda other than "I'm GREAT!!" That supports going outside the law to achieve his agenda...yet who has not even given a single concrete indication of what his agenda actually is. You are going to have to go through the mental gymnastics that allow you to reconcile supporting that vile piece of shit with your vision of yourself as a decent human being on your own. I am simply not quite that agile.
Tell yourself whatever you have to. But stop telling the rest of us anything about nobility of spirit or honor or decency. Cause you just lost the right to that stuff. And that is the important stuff. That is the stuff that will still be here long after your pragmatic choice is a horrific side note in a history book.
And for Godís sake (literally), stop telling me you are a Christian. I have studied the Bible from cover to cover and Donald Trump is not a candidate for Jesus. Find me ONE verse in the Bible attributed to Jesus that even gets you in the ballpark of supporting Donald Trump and I will listen. But I sure couldnít find one. Leviticus, maybe. New Testament...no. (BTW, I have always found it interesting that the faith is CHRISTianity, but the followers always fall back on the Old Testament to justify their bigotry and hatred. I would think that if you are genuinely a person of faith, your beliefs would stem from the New Testament and the Old Testament would be used for context...but what do I know. Oh, and NO, kicking the money changers and sellers of sacrificial animals out of the temple does not count. Yes, Jesus got angry. No, it is not anything like Donald Trump being angry.)
And if you support Donald Trump because you are angry that your party did not get their way for the last eight years...grow up. Children destroy things because they did not get their way. Destroying America with Donald Trump because you are pissed about Obama is what toddlers in day care do when they would rather break the toy than share it. Stop telling me you love America if any of THAT figures into your....reasoning.

Let your anger guide you. Let your hate guide you. Let your inability to stand for what you truly believe in guide you. Fine. If the will of the people is hatred and ugliness, so be it. But that is not my will and never will be. I do not choose to be two people. I choose to be honorable. I will vote my conscience and you vote your anger and pragmatism.
But stop telling me that you are a decent human being. And stop telling me what a great Christian you are. Going to church does not make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage will make me a mechanic. It is by your ACTIONS that you are known as a Christian. So, act like one.

Help me understand...WTF is happening?

I haven't been around here for the last couple of years because arguing about politics on top of some other pretty big life changes just got to be a little much.

But I am seriously starting to freak out. I have some conservative friends that two months ago told me Donald Trump was a bad joke who are now supporting him. They have apparently done some fairly impressive mental gymnastics and now he is ok. He is fiery and gosh, their party needed that!

This fucking crazy. How is this happening?
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