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Member since: Wed Aug 20, 2003, 09:49 AM
Number of posts: 9,854

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I love this place!!

I drifted away for quite awhile. Between work (I am essentially a farmer and work has been crazy the last couple of years) and life (kids, husband, blah blah blah) and just getting overwhelmed with staying informed (which sounds weird, but sometimes knowing stuff can freak you out), plus honestly, sometimes I don't feel like I fit in so well. I am a Southerner and we can take a beating here sometimes.

But this has just been the most fun all week. I watched the convention with my laptop open to the DU and Facebook and I have just been DRENCHING my Facebook page with all the clever things you guys say and all the information I have learned here.

Temperatures are about to drop back down to something slightly lower than the seventh level of Hell starting tomorrow, so I will go back to work. Just wanted to say THANKS, DU!! I feel so much better now! I am not complacent and I don't think this is going to be a slam dunk, but I am a lot less freaked out!

All this time, I thought Donald Trump was so crafty...

and that he was cleverly playing this role to appeal to his base, but he was this intelligent business man. I bought into the whole 'crazy like a fox' thing about him.

He is an idiot. How in the living hell has he made so much money??

His handlers have to be mainlining Maalox. He is STILL talking about the Khan thing. He can't let it go. This is day three of something that should never have gotten off the ground. A smart politician, when asked about the Khan's statements, would have said, "I deeply respect the sacrifices of the Khan's and their son and have tremendous sympathy for their pain and how it has made them feel." OR something. But not "They won't let her talk because she is a Muslim and he has no right to say mean things about me." And then to KEEP saying it!! How fucking stupid can he be??

This is like a gift. I told my kids the first grandkid is getting name Khizr.

Tipping Point...and a helluva sight earlier than I would have expected.

I think Trump may have hit his tipping point with the Khan comments. My Facebook feed has a whole bunch of people who do not normally say negative things about him outraged over those comments. I have thought that he would eventually add a little too much to his negative pile and people would start turning against him.

I just thought it would take longer than one day after the Democratic convention.

So, after the last 24 hours, what are the odds that Trump LITERALLY goes crazy?

I don't think he is going to make it. The campaign just started for real YESTERDAY and he is already melting down. Unless they up his meds, he is going to flame out way before November.

He was doing GREAT when it was all fucknuts Republicans cheering him on and the press was intrigued enough with him to ignore his worst gaffes. But they are starting to poke at him and he is already starting to crack.

What happens if he gets 'sick' halfway through this thing?? What do they do? Does Pence get the nod? Do they have a Runner Up for Miss Republican? Would it be Cruz?

Hillary Clinton has a serious problem.

I was just having an argument with a friend about Donald and Hillary doing good things. She posted a couple of links about Donald Trump helping Jennifer Hudson and her family and flying that kid to the hospital. So, I started googling stuff like "Hillary helps" and "Hillary saved".

HOLY SHIT. The front page responses when you google pretty much anything about Hillary are appalling!! Pretty much you get campaign stuff from her campaign and a TON of hate blogger stuff.

I think that's a problem. A lot of people who don't know anything about Hillary may try to find out about her by using Google and a lot of what they are going to get is going to be really ugly stuff.

Or is that a problem? Am I just being paranoid?

What search terms should I use to find instances of Hillary helping people?

I commented on Hillary being a kind person and posted a link to Hillary helping a man with cancer that I found on here. Now a Trump supporter is posting links to articles about Trump helping Jennifer Hudson and lending his plane to the family of that sick kid, etc.

I tried googling some stuff, but I am getting so much hate blogger crap when I search "Hillary, help, save" or whatever.

Cheeto Jesus, Living Circus Peanut....

what are some of your favorite nicknames for Donald Trump??

Seriously, Donald Trump is mentally unstable. Like, there is a name and..

a medication for what is wrong with him, I feel sure.

Shouldn't there be some way to disqualify him for running for office based on the fact that he is batshit insane? And if there isn't, there needs to be.

Is this the place for me to say that I just fucking HATE right wing morons?

I never come over here, but this isn't specifically political, so I am not sure where to stick it.

I just wanted to say how much I fucking hate stupid, conservative idgets that think that saying, "I think__________________." carries the same weight as a peer reviewed article.

Do you think its because of social media?? That people feel like what THEY think is the most

important thing EVER? That maybe that's why some of the hecklers can't get their heads out of their own asses? They feel like their every thought and feeling is important to the rest of the world?

My premise is that social media is adding to the sense of entitlement some of these people have.
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