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Member since: Tue Sep 9, 2003, 06:57 PM
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How to win BIG in 2020

The republican party has always been better at messaging and coming up with a slogan.This is made obvious with their rhetoric: MAGA, build the wall, rule of law, law & order, etc.

A message like "Defund the Police" sounds bad to many, it's a bad slogan! The message BEHIND it is nuanced and deep. They NEVER hear it!!!

The key to 2020 and winning BIG (filibuster-proof majorities) lies in the winning slogan...

"The trump party pandemic"

The Lt. Gov of Texas (R) said the greatest generation should be willing to DIE for the economy, an Ohio elected (R) said people should STOP getting tested, an Alabama senator (R) said he wants MORE people to catch the virus, Marco Rubio is attacking the canceling of high school sports, etc. ALL of them are following trump's failed leadership.

They have become the party of trump, and the HORRID handling of this pandemic is theirs, and his!

"The trump party pandemic"

Call every elected democrat you can, contact every PAC, create videos, memes, post on social media, enlist frustrated Republicans who idolize Lincoln, Reagan, Eisenhower, etc.

"The trump party pandemic"

Make them OWN their failures. Make them OWN trump. Make them OWN the DEATHS from the Coronavirus.

This is how you win...
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