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The 7 Stages Of Grief When A Loved One Supports Trump

Yes, I have a loved one who is a Trump supporter. And itís not like they are supporting him in a satirical or hypothetical or even a devilís advocate kind of way. My loved one actually plans to go to the voting booth on November 8 and check off that spot next to Trumpís name that says he should be the President of the United States.

Yes, Iím heartbroken. Yes, I need to maintain my relationship with this loved one. No, I cannot talk about it with them or else I may simply erupt like Vesuvius with an ocean of words just pouring out me like racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, idiotic, or egomaniac. I could go on. I need to preserve our family, so I will never utter Trumpís name in my loved oneís presence. Thankfully, they know enough about me to avoid talking politics altogether. After all, weíve watched Fox News together and they definitely know where I stand.

So here are the seven stages of grief you may go through if you, too, find out that someone you love is going to support Trump:


What's your favorite kind of cheese?


Cheese contains a chemical found in addictive drugs, scientists have found.

The team behind the study set out to pin-point why certain foods are more addictive than others.

Using the Yale Food Addiction Scale, designed to measure a personís dependence on, scientists found that cheese is particularly potent because it contains casein.

The substance, which is present in all dairy products, can trigger the brainís opioid receptors which are linked to addiction....

The White Helmets

In Aleppo, the most important thing to remember is that all life is precious. The White Helmets search for survivors among the wreckage as bombs continue to fall. These ordinary men are extraordinary heroes.

Where's the Love?

New release of a powerful message.

Live video of Hurricane Hermine. Cedar Key, FL

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